Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Benefit Punch Pop: New Shades

Benefit Punch Pops launched last summer, and while all the shades were gorgeous and bright, none of them appealed to my own personal taste. I'm more of a nude kinda gal!

However, they have launched two new shades, (previously only available in the USA), and they are both super wearable. There's Pink Berry; a mauve toned gloss, and my favourite, Sugar Cookie; a gorgeous peachy nude.

I am so pleased that they've expanded the range, as the first shades to be launched were a bit too bright for me. These glosses are really pigmented, non-sticky, and don't make your lips peel like some lipglosses can. I find it hard to find a nice nude gloss that stays on, but these certainly do, and they really do pack a glossy punch.

Sugar Cookie looks lovely alone, but especially beautiful worn over a lip liner. You can have a look at the range here! You can also have a look at the rest of the shades in the range in my previous post here.


The Ultimate Tan: Bloggers' Big Night Out

It's officially Christmas time, which in the blogging world means lots of prosecco and shimmying around in sequins to get the perfect boomerang shot for Instagram.

Fashion blogger SnazzyYazi decided to organise a night out for all of us local bloggers to get together and just have a bit of a party. We all met up, ate some food at Brickwork, had a few cocktails, and strutted off to have a dance.

In the run up to the big night out I had been eyeing up the BPerfect tan, and when I spotted the pop up stall in Foyleside shopping centre, I thought I'd treat myself. I purchased the dark watermelon shade in the hope of not having to put two layers on like I do with other fake tans. I also picked up their concealer and highlighter pen, which is a great yellowy shade, perfect for under eye brightening or contouring.

During the week I epilated my legs, exfoliated and moisturised, ready to slather on the deliciously scented BPerfect tan. It is a liquid tan so it comes in a spray bottle that you spray directly onto the mitt and rub into the skin. I applied quite a generous amount to my body and after as little as five minutes, I could already see the colour beginning to become really deep. At this point, the excitement kicked in.

The tan dried in relatively quickly, and I didn't feel sticky at all. There was also just a faint smell of the distinctive tan scent, but I love that smell anyway...I know, I am weird. The next day I woke up with the most gorgeous, deep tan I think I have had from a bottle in a long time. The real test though was how much would disappear down the drain in the shower.

I held my breath as I rinsed the tan in the shower, as this is where a lot of tans have failed for me. The water did have a hint of a tan colour in it, but when I stepped out it still looked dark and even.

The tan 3 days after application.
As I'm writing this, I have had it on for four days and it still looks pretty fresh. I did have to put a bit extra on my neck and chest as I find this area doesn't take fake tan as well as I'd like, but that happens with whatever tan I use, so it's not unexpected.

On the night of the party, I used St Tropez Instant Tan Finishing Gloss down my shins to give them a gleam, and I must say, it looked fabulous. The sheen it gave my legs made my skin look so hydrated and glowy, almost oily but without any sticky feeling. If you want something to give your tan a boost, you should definitely invest in this, it could be used anywhere you like to accentuate your tan and ensure your skin looks smooth and supple.

Cocktails @ Brickwork
The night out was so much fun and it was lovely to get to finally meet some people I have followed for so long. It was also refreshing to be in the company of people who all support and promote each other, and know how to have a proper party. The fact I was in love with my tan also made the night just that little bit better!

Update on the tan: Scrubbed it off today after wearing it for 5 days! I could have easily worn this tan for three consecutive nights out as it looked so great on my legs. I can be quite picky when it comes to leg tan, but this was amazing. I decided to scrub it off today as my skin was becoming quite dry because I am useless at moisturising my body. It came off easily enough with some Soap & Glory Pulp Friction and an exfoliating mitt. So it gets a massive thumbs up from me. I am dying to try the brush on lashes BPerfect sells too, but I think I've done enough spending for now!

You can purchase BPerfect online here, or at their pop up shops around Northern Ireland.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

The £300 Hairdryer: Is It Worth The Price?

Up until recently I had been using my trusty £20 Argos hairdryer but then I happened to enter a competition through QVC, and a few weeks later I was chosen as one of the lucky winners to receive a Dyson Hairdryer. No, I couldn't quite believe it either.

Just weeks before, I had spotted the £300 hairdryers displayed in John Lewis on my trip to Newcastle, and thought, 'Who would pay such a price?' So when I was informed that I had won one for myself, I think my heart may have stopped for a split second.

The Dyson Supersonic has been hailed a game changer in the haircare industry. It differs from a traditional dryer in that it is engineered to protect hair from heat damage, whilst cutting down on drying time. It uses airflow rather than intense heat to dry, and so your hair should be left feeling smooth & healthy.

There are three heat settings and speeds, as well as three magnetic attachments. There's a diffuser to volumise, a styling nozzle, and a smoothing nozzle, all of which I would use, especially the diffuser which simulates natural drying, but minimises frizz for a more defined finish.

The hairdryer itself is also quite an unusal design. It houses the motor in the handle instead of the head, meaning its weight is more balanced. With the three heat settings, it ensures the temperature can be customized to stop that burning sensation from intense, direct heat.

But the burning question is, is it really worth the price? I find it definitely doesn't blow my hair around as much as my Argos offering, and drying time is cut. The diffuser did an impressive job at bringing out my natural waves and ensuring a smooth finish too. I must also mention the Dyson Supersonic is a lot quieter than a standard hairdryer, and looks very hi-tech. It's smooth, iron exterior is very sleek, with a flash of fuschia, and it really stands out from the hairdryer crowd in terms of design.

Overall, I do enjoy using the Dyson dryer and find the technology behind it extremely interesting. Would I pay £300 for one? Probably not, solely because I would feel very guilty splashing that amount on a personal care product. If I had that kind of money to just throw around then yes, I probably would invest in one. For now, I am just happy I can say I have one and it cost me absolutely nothing!

You can find out more about the Dyson Supersonic and the research behind it right here.


Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Win A Morphe Palette!

I'm currently running a competition on both my Instagram and Facebook pages, to give away a gorgeous Morphe 12B palette.

I already own one myself, and thought it would be nice to share a spare one with someone who may hasn't tried Morphe before, or is addicted to their great quality palettes.

You can enter on Instagram, Facebook, or both!
To enter on Instagram, follow the steps below:
  1. Ensure you are following the Curlers 'n' Coffee Instagram page (Username is: rach_curlersncoffee)
  2. Like the post on my Instagram that shows the prize
  3. Tag as many friends as you like in the comment section.

To enter via Facebook:
  1. Ensure you're following the Curlers 'n' Coffee Facebook page (Follow the link, or search Curlers 'n' Coffee Blog)
  2. Like & share the competition post
  3. Tag as many friends as you like in the comment section below the photo.
This competition closes on the 05.01.18, so whoever wins will have a gorgeous palette to help them get over the post-Christmas blues.

Open to UK only!
Good luck!

Friday, 8 December 2017

Festive Fingers With Leighton Denny

There's no better time to jazz up your nails than Christmas. If you're stuck for nail-spiration, these new sets from Leighton Denny may be the answer to your naked nail conundrum.

The '2 Of A Kind' collection consists of three different nail polish sets, each containing two gorgeous shades. I was kindly sent the Real Treasures & Down Memory Lane set, both colours being right up my festively lit street.

The set contains two complimentary special effect polishes; Real Treasures is vibrant, metallic amethyst, whilst Down Memory Lane is nude, shot through with glittery gold.

The Real Treasures shade really caught my eye, so I couldn't wait until my current polish had had its time to shine. The colour applied really easily as it's quite a thin formula, and after two coats I was party ready. Thinner formulas tend to last longer on me than those of a thicker consistency, so I have high hopes for the longevity of this polish.

Both shades would compliment any Christmas party outfit beautifully, and would make fantastic stocking fillers for any nail obsessed girl. The sets are priced at £10, and you can have a look at the other shades in the range right here.


Monday, 4 December 2017

A Party Ready Smile: Carbon Coco

We all know how important it is to look after our gnashers, and I put mine through a lot. I drink a considerable amount of black tea and have a rather sweet tooth, so I am very conscious of having a good teeth cleaning routine.

The black tea does absolutely no favours for my pearly whites, much to my dentist's dismay. Because of this, I like to try and ensure my toothpaste is not only beneficial in removing plaque, but also effective at lifting surface stains.

This is where Carbon Coco has come to my rescue. I was kindly sent one of their best selling 'Ultimate Carbon Kits', consisting of a tub of their activated charcoal polish, a tube of of activated charcoal toothpaste, and a toothbrush with bamboo bristles.

The Carbon Coco range isn't like any other activated charcoal toothpaste on the market. It is made from finely milled organic coconut activated charcoal, with a hint of bentonite clay, and lemon myrtle.

If you are slighlty unsure of how a pitch black powder can help to whiten teeth, you aren't alone. I too was sceptical, but apparently it naturally detoxifies and lifts surface stains. This kit has two steps to it, firstly you use the black, tasteless powder to brush your teeth for 2 minutes, then you rinse and follow up with the fluoride free toothpaste for a further two minutes.

I was quite surprised at just how dark the powder was, especially when I couldn't see my teeth. Plus, a little goes an extremely long way, and I had to be extra careful not to scatter it all around the sink. I looked like something out of a horror movie, I am just glad the postman didn't ring the doorbell mid-brush. I then followed it up with the toothpaste, which is much more pleasant with a fresh, minty taste.

It took me a while to get all of the black from between my teeth, so I probably wouldn't use these products in the morning as it's not great if you're in a rush. Plus, you may need to clean round your sink afterwards, as it can get quite messy. However, I am beginning to notice a difference after using this for a number of days. I'd say with consistent use I'll have beautifully bright teeth worthy of being on a toothpaste billboard, just in time for the party season!

Find out more and get yours here!


Saturday, 2 December 2017

Quirky Christmas: Carolyn Donnelly Eclectic Collection

Christmas is just around the corner which means it's time to dig out the decorations, tackle the tree, and layer on the lights.

I happened to stroll into Dunnes Stores a couple of weeks ago, and came across the most unusual range of Christmas tree decorations. If you love quirky pieces and old fashioned baubles, the Carolyn Donnelly Eclectic range would be right up your festive street.

Pictured above are the softer decorations, they remind me of the type you make in primary school out of felt and sequins. The little snowman in the second row is a personal favourite!

The baubles have a more vintage feel, painted in bright colours and extremely detailed. They would pop against a luscious green tree.

This excited looking pig was one of my favourites, I went back today and it's sold out so I am a bit disappointed that I didn't buy it at the time; it would certainly be a talking point! I did however manage to get my mitts on another of my favourites, the cat pushing a kitten in a trolley. Nothing says Christmas like a festive kitty. There were so many others that I would have loved, but I would have spent a small fortune had I bought them all.

My mum took a fancy to the Christmas pudding, which also has a beaded string, the Robin, and one of the paper mache birds. They are affordable at £4 each, but it's hard to pick just a few. It's safe to say our tree will be looking rather unusal this year, and I cannot wait!

 Check out the full Carolyn Donnelly Eclectic range here!


Friday, 1 December 2017

TILI November Beauty Box

I recently took the plunge and cancelled my Glossybox subscription after being left disappointed with the contents of numerous boxes. I decided it was £13.95 I could spend elsewhere, and the products I was receiving each month were less than impressive.

I purchased a TILI beauty box in September and absolutely loved it, so when November's edition launched there was no hesitation in my beauty obsessed mind. TILI stands for 'Try It, Love It', and there's no commitment with a subscription, you simply buy it via the QVC site. TILI don't release monthly boxes either, they seem to be around every couple of months, and that suits me just fine as they are most definitely worth the wait.

This November box was just as impressive, if not more, than the previous box I had received. Here's a rundown of the products included:

One of the stand out products in the box would be the Nails Inc nail polish. It's a rose gold shade named Rose Bellini, which is apparently a TILI exclusive. It's the perfect shade for the party season, and festive without being tacky. This is a full sized bottle too, and Nails Inc polishes usually retail at around £15.

The next product is an exfoliating mask from the brand TULA. I haven't actually heard of this brand, but apparently it contains a probiotic that helps to cleanse and remove dead skin cells, leaving soft and glowing skin. I love anything that leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh, so this is already a winner for me. The full sized pot retails at £38 on QVC, however the tube in the box is 14g which is quite generous.

The box also contains a Percy & Reed Volumising No Oil, Oil. It promises to seal in shine, and volumise hair without the greasiness assocaiated with oils. I have used it a couple of times already, and it definitely doesn't weigh hair down, leaves it silky soft, and very swishy. This is a 30ml bottle, the full sized bottle is 60ml and costs £14.

Another brand I haven't heard of is NB Labs, and this box contains a Glow Boost serum. Added to moisturiser, it improves skin's texture and helps with uneven skintone. The brand creates many different serums to deal with various skin issues, and seem quite science based. The bottle I received is 5ml, and the full size 10ml retails for £19.50.

Laura Geller have thrown in a mini mascara this time around. Lash Boss is a volumising, lengthening, and curling mascara, so I am very excited to try it. I have heard great things about the brand's mascaras, and this is just the perfect size. The brush is interesting, one side has really long spikes, whereas the other side is very short and fine, so there must be a method to the application. It's a 4ml tube, with the full size, 14ml, priced at £19.

TILI have included a liquid highlighter in the form of PIXI's Glow Booster. It's in the shade 'White Pearl' and gives a subtle but healthy sheen to skin. It would actually be lovely on collar bones or down the front of shins, to give a gorgeous, healthy gleam. The tube is a generous 12ml, however I can't find the product on any site as a single tube, it seems to only be included in gift sets, so I'm unsure of the retail price.

When I first started watching Jaclyn Hill on YouTube years ago, I remember seeing her talk about Purity face wash. This box contains a 30ml bottle, and I can vouch for everything Jaclyn said about it. It's a gel consistency, that melts off make up, and leaves my skin so soft. It has a lovely relaxing scent to it, is gentle enough to be used around the eyes, and doesn't create a lather so it isn't stripping skin of its natural oils. You can buy it from Boots for £8.50 for 90ml, and once this bottle is finished I may consider buying it again.

I love a good scrub, especially as I wear a lot of fake tan. There's a Decleor 1000 Grains Body Exfoliator in this box, in a 50ml tube. It claims to exfoliate and soften, containing various oils to leave the skin smooth and silky. I feel like it's a posh body scrub, and it smells delicious. The full size 200ml tube is priced at £28.

The box also contains a 30ml pot of Taya Red Clay Naturals Miracle Balm. It apparently has various uses, including a pre-shampoo treatment, overnight mask, or a pre-styling product to maintain moisture levels. It's thick but not sticky, so I'd imagine it wouldn't be too heavy on the hair. I tried to suss the product out on the QVC site for a price, but it's currently unavailable.

Korres have included a full size Lily Blossom shower gel (£8) in the box, and it smells amazing. I've tried a few Korres products before and have always been impressed. I've been using this ever since I received my box, and I love that the scent isn't too overpowering, but you still feel fresh.

Lastly, I was treated to a Erno Laszlo Firm & Lift Sheet Mask. I am undecided about sheet masks, as I always feel really cold sitting with a lump of freezing material on my face. Saying that, this one seems quite high-end, as to purchase just one mask is £14. It contains algae and grapefruit extracts, along with argan oil, so I can't wait to slap this on my face!

There you go, a (not so) quick rundown of all the products included in the November TILI box. You may be wondering the price for all of these luxurious products? It's an unbelievable £20, with free postage. I personally feel that is a total bargain considering the brand names and prices of the products alone. This box really blows other beauty boxes out of the water, and the fact it doesn't require a subscription and you can see what you are buying on the site before you spend your hard-earned cash makes it even better.

It would make such a great Christmas present as there's a mix of both beauty, skin care, and hair care products. I also feel that the contents would be useful over the party season, so go on, treat yourself!

Buy it here!

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