Monday 24 April 2017

Nails Inc Unicorn Nails

Nails Inc are the Rolls Royce of the nail polish world, and if anyone knows how to create a unique launch it's them.

Their latest 'Sparkle Like a Unicorn' duo is sure to get any nail junkie's heart racing, like it did to me when it suddenly appeared on my Instagram feed.

Rainbow Wishes is an ethereal purple-blue colour shifting polish, that looks simply stunning on the nails. While Dream Dust is a rose gold shimmer, that glistens in any light.

Not only are they both extremely eye catching, they wear well and I found my nails being the topic of conversation on numerous occasions.

The duo retail for £15 here which is a bargain considering the quality and quantity you receive. Think of it as a nail investment... The only problem you'll have is choosing which shade to wear first!


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