Monday, 28 August 2017

Make Up Bag Heaven

How pretty is this make up bag from Accessorize? It's a fab size, and could even be used as a clutch bag for a night out. I love the detail of the embroidered eyelashes.

I'd also like to say how friendly and approachable the Accessorize staff are in my local store (Foyleside). Every time I have visited recently, they've been really chatty and complimented me on my own jewellery or make up. If only all shops had staff like that!

Get it here!

I also love these glitter and metallic versions. They'd make perfect presents too if you filled them full of other goodies, like some jewellery, make up, or even just a giant bar of Galaxy which would do me fine.

Shop both here!

Colourpop: My Most Recent Order

Colourpop is one of those brands that creates so many amazing products, with extremely reasonable price points. Unfortunately, it's not that easy to get a hold of here and the shipping plus high customs fees make for a rather extortionately priced cosmetics order.

They do however offer free international shipping occasionally, and when they don't, it's free shipping for any order over $50. So basically you can buy all you want and just pay the customs fee instead of both that and a shipping fee. You've just got to weigh up how much you're willing to spend on the most fantastic products you've ever seen.

I have placed a few Colourpop orders over the past year and I can truly say I have never been disappointed with any of their products. Some I do like more than others, but that's not to say the lesser liked are bad. Their Super Shock Shadows come in so many unique shades and finishes, it's impossible to choose only a few, and their satin liquid lipsticks are probably the best liquid lip formula I have ever tried.

L-R: Sea Stars, Fair Play, Going Steady, Top Notch, Making Moves, Criss Cross. Bottom Row L-R: Afterparty & Here Kitty Kitty
Within my most recent order, I purchased quite a few of their new(ish) single shadows. These are powder formulas and come in single pans ready to be slotted into a magentic palette. These particular shadows were reduced at the time, so I stocked up on some everyday shades as well as some more eye-catching colours.

The formula of these shadows reminds me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, because they are so soft and blend so easily, plus they are all currently $4. They have so many beautiful shades too so you can easily create your own palette, and they even throw in a free mini empty palette for you to store your shadows in. Handy!

Top to bottom: Sea Stars, Making Moves, Criss Cross, Going Steady, Fair Play, Top Notch.
I also bought one of their new pressed highlighters and bronzers. You can buy these either in a compact or as a single pan, I did the latter so I can slot it into my Z palette. I'm quite fussy about bronzers so after some intense Google searches for swatches I settled on the shade 'Private Party', it's a medium tan shade with a satin finish. The highlighter I bought is the shade 'Here, Kitty, Kitty', an icy champagne tone. The highlighter isn't as pigmented as the shadows are, and I do find it takes a bit of work to get the colour payoff with a fluffy brush, but once it's on it's gorgeous.

I also picked up two of their new brushes, a round pencil brush and a more flat shadow brush that is apparently great for applying the creamy Super Shock shadows. I haven't used the round pencil brush yet, but I've been using the flatter brush to pack on the powder shadows to the lid.

Overall, I am once again really impressed with what I ordered. If you're interested in trying Colourpop products but aren't sure where to start, I'd really recommend their Super Shock Highlighters, Super Shock Eyeshadows, Ultra Satin Lip Colour, annnnnnnd their new powder eyeshadows. Basically everything then.

You can buy your big box of goodies here!

Friday, 25 August 2017

Benefit Boddess Cream & Punch Pop Liquid Lip Colour

There is nothing I love more than a new launch, and Benefit have three fab new products you can pick up this weekend.

Along with the brand new brow product, Foolproof Brow Powder which you can read about here, there is another great addition to the evergrowing Hoola collection. Boddess Cream is a thick, luxurious body moisturiser that smells deliciously fresh, and gives skin a healthy looking sheen.

Fragranced with sandalwood and citrus, it can be used over fake tan or by itself to make your body look like you've been drinking your recommended daily intake of water. I love the smell of this cream and it sinks in really fast, I was also really impressed with the lustrous glow it gave my skin. This would be especially good for nights out on your legs or across your chest, turning you into a glowing goddess!

You can see the sheen this cream gives to skin and I was left velvety soft afterwards. It's definitely a must if you find your skin looks lacklustre a few days after you have applied your tan. It's basically healthy looking skin in a tube!

Another brand new collection are the Punch Pop Liquid Lip Colour. There are five vibrant shades, each packed with vitamin E and promising bold, juicy lips in one swipe. I would say this is more of a lipgloss with intense pigment, and gorgeous shine. I'm not too much of a fan of the packaging as I find it a bit childish, but it also looks quite retro and really reminds me of old school sweets, and that is what Benefit are aiming for.

L-R: Mango, Strawberry, Bubblegum, Watermelon, Cherry.
I feel that these would have made a better beginning of summer launch, as most of the shades aren't really seasonally appropriate for the likes of autumn approaching. Plus, the glossy, juicy colour is something I would wear more on holiday, as the only shade I would personally wear any other time would be Bubblegum.

However, if you love a pop of colour on your lips for during the day these are great to brighten up your make up look. They could also be worn on a night out as they are so pigmented and photograph really well.

Boddess Cream and Punch Pops are both available now at your local Benefit counter or online here!


Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Blemish Busting Magical Potion

Thankfully I don't suffer from as many spots as I used to, but when I can feel the odd one trying to make an appearance, I've been using this. It's the salicylic acid from The Ordinary, and it's fantastic. I put the tiniest bit on spots whenever they first start to appear, and overnight the redness is reduced and the spot itself has shrunk. You can even use a small amount over problem areas at night to maintain a clear complexion. It doesn't dry out or irritate skin, and it's only £3.90!

Get it here:

Guest Post: Reviewing the Light Shade of Conscience Clear Tan

Hey everyone! I'm Yasmin also known as SnazzyYazi, I'm the owner of Style Blog. If you want to hear my thoughts on a new on the market light tan for pale skin, keep on reading.

Tanning is back with a bang! Everywhere you look these days on social media, you see a brand new tan, and people are loving it!

When I was gifted with the new Conscience Clear Tan, I was excited because 1; it was made by my favourite hairdressers (Ronan Stewart and Conor Grant of RoCo) and 2; it came in light! - also Medium and Dark 👍🏼

The tan is odourless, organic and contains no perfume or parabens and is vegan friendly. 💕

Monday, 21 August 2017

Conscience Clear Tan

With so many different tans available on the market promising a gorgeous golden glow, it's easy to forget about the chemicals that these products may contain. I for one have become more aware of parabens, especially those that are suspected to be linked to certain types of breast cancer. Just a quick Google search on parabens and other cosmetic ingredients is certainly an eye opener, and sometimes I feel like I'm better not knowing what dangerous chemicals are lurking in my favourite products.

That being said, I find it refreshing that many brands are now realising that more and more consumers are becoming more educated about the likes of parabens, and are reformulating and using the phrase 'paraben free' as a way to promote their products. Frankly I'm all for it!

This organic tan from Conscience Clear is a liquid tan free from both perfume and parabens, and is developed with carbon neutral ingredients. It's also vegan friendly and comes in three shades, light, medium, and dark.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Recent Affordable Favourites!

I love finding products that you instantly love and know you'll repurchase when they're done. I have picked out some of my most recent favourites, and would love for you to share yours in the comments below!

Hask Argan Oil Repairing Conditioner

I don't have particularly dry hair but the ends do need some TLC now and again. I love this stuff because you only need to leave it on your hair for between three and five minutes for it to do its job, and it leaves hair silky soft and detangled. It also smells delicious, kind of chocolatey orange. I got this bottle from Superdrug, but I've also seen it stocked in Primark.

Batiste XXL Volume Spray

I received this in a Glossybox and personally I love anything that promises extra volume. This is like a dry shampoo, but when you spray and massage it in it adds a lot of volume to flat hair. I do find I need to wash my hair the day after because it does feel a bit stiff, but this would be great for a night out when you just want voluminous hair for the evening.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Juvia's Place Mini Masquerade

Juvia's Place was one of those companies I always saw on Instagram but just couldn't find a site that delivered to the UK without the usual extortinate postage and tax fees. So when Beauty Bay suddenly revealed they were now stocking Juvia's Place palettes I was like the cat smelling a freshly cooked chicken.

There seems to be a lot of warm toned palettes knocking about at the minute, with Urban Decay's Naked Heat, Morphe 35O, and the newly launched So Sue Me Hot Fire Palette. I like warm browns but I'm not really a fan of really orange toned or red shades on myself. I also love purple, greens and any colour that makes my dark eyes pop, so hyperventilation kicked in when I saw photos of this palette.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Jazzy Jewellery

Anyone who knows me knows I love chokers. I have to wear black to work everyday so having a bit of sparkle or eye-catching colour around my neck helps to brighten things up. I have really built up my necklace collection recently, and the majority are under a tenner. I particularly love chokers because they sit at the perfect position on my neck, but I'm also a fan of long, simple chains.

My favourite online store for buying necklaces and chokers is definitely Forever 21. I feel like it is sometimes overlooked as being a shop for young teens, but I have bought some fab pieces from there and they are so affordable. I have picked out a few of my current favourites so maybe you too can treat yo' self!


Monday, 14 August 2017

Brush Up Your Blending

Brushes play a huge part in the application of your make up and that's why it's important to choose wisely. You could have the most pigmented, high quality eyeshadow, but if your brushes aren't up to the job, it'll be a mess. That being said, you don't have to spend a ridiculous amount to build up a decent collection of brushes that if washed regularly, should last well.

The number of brushes I own is verging on being totally unnecessary, but there are so many to choose from, and they all do different things, whether it be crease blending, all over blending, applying eyehshadow to the lid, creating an inner corner highlight, or ensuring bronzer look seamless.

I have managed to choose a small number of brushes that I find I reach for the most, to not only give you all an insight into my extortionate collection, but to maybe give you ideas for brushes you feel you are missing.


Friday, 11 August 2017

August Glossybox: First Impressions

Receiving a box of surprise goodies in the post every month is something I really look forward to. It's also a great way to try out products you wouldn't necessarily buy, but would love to try out.

This month is the second collector's edition for the summer, here's a look inside...

First up is the Essence Live. Laugh. Celebrate Palette, plus four pans; two eyeshadows and a highlighter and blusher. This is probably my least favourite item in the box, because the shades are really not my cup of tea. There's a nice mauve eyeshadow that I may use, but the other shadow is a sparkly silver, a shade I haven't worn since I was about 7. There is also a highlighter and blush which are nice to look at, but the pigment is just not there, which is a shame. As far as the actual palette goes, it's eye-catching in that it has tiny, coloured balls in the front, so when you move it they roll about. Interesting design, but maybe a bit childish too.

Next is the Safari Sun Bronzer from the brand Model Launcher. I haven't heard of this brand so it will be good to try this product without any prior knowledge. This bronzer apparently retails for £16, which surprises me because the packaging feels cheap, there aren't any special ingredients in it, and it contains two parabens. It also smells quite cheap and slightly old fashioned. The leaflet in the box states this product is talc free, when the second ingredient is talc... I'll have to see what it looks like on the skin, as it may exceed my low expectations. Hopefully.

There's a small can of Batiste's new(ish) 2 in 1 Invisible Dry Shampoo & Conditioner. I have read about this and I'm intrigued. It apparently works like a normal dry shampoo but conditions the lengths of your hair. I'll try it and report back!

Another product in this month's Glossybox is the Valquer Ice Hair Mask. This sounds interesting as it has a cooling effect when applied which apparently optimises the effect of the macadamia oil. The bottle looks luxrious and I'm always willing to try anything that conditions and treats my hair as I tend to heat style it every day.

Last but not least is a Rodial Suede Lips crayon. The shade I got is called Big Apple and it's a mauve, berry/brown shade. This contains vitamin E which is good because my lips do get dry and flaky quite easily. It would also be fab for autumn.

The bonus product in this month's box is a Purlei bracelet, but I actually thought it was something to tie your hair up with. I don't think it really looks like a bracelet, as it's essentially just a stretchy piece of ribbon but I'm sure I'll find some use for it. There is a 30% discount code on the card that the bracelet is attached to, so that kind of makes up for it.

That's a quick rundown of all the products in this month's Glossybox and my first impressions of each. I can't say I'm that impressed with this box this month unfortunately. I've had better boxes, and I feel this month's has too many low quality products, such as the Essence eyeshadows, that are probably not going to get near my eyelids. I am pleased with a couple of the products though, such as the Batiste dry shampoo, the Rodial lip crayon, and the Valquer hair mask, so I suppose it's not all bad. I just hope next month's is a bit better.

You can start subscribing to Glossybox here.


L'Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara & Brow Pomade

There was so much hype surrounding the L'Oreal Lash Paradise mascara in America, that I was bursting with excitement for the UK launch. One of my favourite YouTubers, Jaclyn Hill, raved about how this mascara separated lashes and added intense volume, so I was sure I was in for a treat.

From watching YouTube videos I saw it was compared to the hugely popular, Too Faced 'Better Than Sex' mascara, and I'll talk about that later. When it finally arrived in UK stores, I was slightly confused as to why L'Oreal changed the packaging and apparently the forumla for the UK market, but I'm sure they have their reasons.

Anyway, Lash Paradise promises feathery soft lashes that are lengthened, volumised and flake free. The formula is also enriched with castor oil to condition lashes, which is an added bonus. I found this to be more of wet mascara that is easy to work with and because of its consistency, it means layering multiple coats is no problem.

However, because it is on the wetter side, it does tend to weigh my lashes down when I apply one coat, but once this is dried and I apply another it's not too much of a problem. I also always use an eyelash curler as my lashes are very straight, and this holds the curl throughout the day. It's super black and I can layer at least three coats without a clump in sight.  

Left is the Lash Paradise wand, and right is Too Faced.

In comparison to the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, I would say they both have extremely similar brushes, yet the Too Faced formula is slightly thicker. I also found there was less opportunity to build up coats of Too Faced, as it did become clumpy and flaked down my face if I tried to brush it out.

In addition to the Lash Paradise mascara, L'Oreal have created a brow pomade. Not many "drugstore" beauty brands have produced a pomade, so this is a great option for someone who can't afford a high end product.

Shade 102: Warm Blonde

Again, the packaging is beautiful and they have a similar design to the Benefit KaBrow, with a small brush in the lid. There are five shades in this range which is quite impressive for a "drugstore" brand, and they cater to both light and dark hair, the lighest shade being blonde, the darkest being ebony.

I find the texture of this to be more of a mousse, and it feels quite spongey when I dip my brush in. It's easy to work with though, my only gripe is I don't think it's waterproof, but it doesn't budge or smear once it has dried.

This range from L'Oreal is really impressive, and it's great if you are on a budget but want a high quality brow pomade and luxurious mascara, and you can get both for just under £20! This range is now available in both Boots and Superdrug.

Shop this post:
Brow Pomade

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Have I Found The Perfect Contour Kit?

If you know me you will know of my love for bBold tan, and if you don't you can read all about it here. They recently launched a contour kit that not only contains a contour shade, but a highlighter and bronzing powder too. I actually convinced myself I didn't need it, but then my friend ended up winning one and said I needed it, so I caved. (I'm looking at you, Orlaith!)

I am not the biggest fan of contouring simply because if it isn't done properly it can be a real mess. I usually just strategically place my bronzer under my cheekbones to create a more sculpted effect that's quick and easy.

I love highlighter and prefer it to beam to high heaven, but I didn't have high hopes for the highlighting shade in this palette. It looked a little less pigmented than what I usually go for, but it's actually beautiful on the skin and looks really glowy. The bronzer looks a bit orangey in the pan, I was worried I would have a repeat episode of that time I tried out Mac's 'Give Me Sun' bronzer. Willy Wonka asked me to come and work in his chocolate factory. However, the bronzer in this palette turned out to be a good shade to match fake tan and doesn't look powdery or super matte when applied, so it warms your complexion but looks really natural.

Now, the contour shade is really impressive. The tone of the powder means it creates a believable contour that is so easy to blend out, and because it's a fine powder you can be as subtle or as intense as you fancy. I always find the secret to a blendable contour is setting your foundation well before using any kind of coloured powder on top.

The three powders are housed in a sturdy black case, complete with a great quality mirror for touching up on the go. This would be a handy palette to bring on holiday as the shades could also double up as eyeshadows.

I am really impressed with this palette as I find it's so easy to go wrong when it comes to contouring and finding the right shade. Out of all the contouring products I have tried I think this one might be my favourite, and it makes sculpting my face so easy that I actually look forward to using it. If you have struggled to find a blendable contour powder that doesn't look muddy on the skin, you should give this a try. It'll give you cheekbones to die for!

Available here! Treat yo' self.
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