Tuesday 27 June 2017

Kiss Summer Party

You may have heard of Kiss, a global beauty brand specialising in nail and lash products (check out their website here!). I was lucky enough to be invited to the Kiss Summer Party which was held on the roof top garden of The Merchant Hotel, Belfast, and it didn't disappoint.

This was the first blogger event I'd attended so I was a little apprehensive and unsure of what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. 

SnazzyYazi and I arrived at the party together, trying to quash each others nerves. We needn't have worried though as I'm sure many other girls were feeling the same, and the welcoming atmosphere that greeted us ensured any anxious thoughts were long forgotten.

On arrival we were treated to a cocktail and given free reign to check out the tables stacked high with fabulous Kiss products,  the variety of nail shapes, shades, and lash styles was extensive! Not only this, but there were also free manicures and lash applications available, as well as the added bonus of having a quick chat with renowned make up artist, Paddy McGurgan, who was so charismatic and even complimented my make up (squeals!). 

Not only was it a great evening of learning more about the Kiss brand and trying their products, it was a brilliant way to meet other bloggers and share tips and stories. There were so many lovely girls who I'd never met before but had of course read their blogs, and I found it so helpful putting blog names to faces.

Of course one of the highlights of the evening was the free goodie bag we all received, with an extremely generous stash of Kiss products. I was so pleased as I'd actually never tried any of their lashes or nails before, so it was greatly appreciated. Keep an eye out for a review on these in the near future!

As the evening drew to a close, SnazzyYazi and I said our goodbyes and left on a high, not only feeling proud of ourselves for going, but also greatly encouraged by the positivity and friendliness of our fellow bloggers. I do hope our paths cross again in the near future, and I hope there are many more opportunities to attend such exciting events.


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