Wednesday 12 July 2017

Box o' Benefit

I've been a fan of Benefit ever since I strolled up to their counter in Belfast and purchased the "10" box o' powder bronzer and highlighter duo, which smelt like red sauce and is now long discontinued. I think everyone had a phase where they were obsessed with the "Benebabe" image and the pretty packaging, or maybe it was just me.

I feel like Benefit have really improved their make up game since the launch of the huge brow collection in summer of last year, and I do have some firm favourites that are both new and a little older. I've decided to share these with you in the hope that I'll maybe tempt you into treating yourself... And because I just like chatting about make up, let's me honest.

Dandelion Twinkle
This is a reasonably new launch from Benefit, and in the build up to its release I was so excited. So much so, I became quite unbearable. Its launch was much welcomed as up until then, Benefit only had liquid and cream highlighters in their extensive collection. This is a nude pink, baked highlighter and it's actually very different to others in my stash. It gives such a subtle sheen that can be built up to a more noticeable highlight or intensified when applied over the top of a cream highlight. I love it, and it's such a soft, fine powder that it doesn't settle into any fine lines on the face. 

Watts Up
Yes, I do know that three of the products in this list are highlighters, but it's me. This was my first highlight pirchase from Benefit and I just love the colour. It's a cream so it's best applied before any powders go onto your face to avoid looking like a cakey mess. The only cake I like is on a plate. This is a gorgeous champagne highlight that blends so well into my skin that it just looks like a natural glow instead of a big area of artificial highlight. This makes such a good base for powder highlighters too. 
Shy Beam 
With everyone wanting a highlight that beams to high heaven, who would have thought a matte highlighter would be such a good idea? If like me, you don't contour your face with cream products but you want to create light in certain areas, this is for you. It has such a fine brush you can paint it onto wherever you want to draw attention, it looks fab on cheekbones and below eyes to create a glimpse of brightness without the sheen. It took me a long time to try this product but I really enjoy using it and definitely think it makes a diffference to my overall make up look. 

I am OBSESSED with this blusher. I may go as far as saying this is my favourite Benefit product ever. I just love it. The colour, the smell, the packaging, everything. It smells like summer and looks like heaven. It is amazing on tanned skin and although it looks super bright in the box, it translates to a fab peachy pink glow. It goes with every make up look and just gives a summery flush to your face. I have this single one and another untouched full size in my Cheek Parade palette, so I'll not be without this until the year 3045. 

Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer
After repackaging the original Boing concealer, Fake Up, and Erase Paste, Benefit created a new Boing child. This is of a whipped, mousse consistency that dries matte and delivers medium coverage. It's great for applying to areas that need extra help before foundation, or using over foundation to conceal any dodgy bits. It's even perfect for under eyes and around the nose to brighten. Oh, and did I mention it's waterproof? 

3D Browtones
A highlighter for your brows may not top your list of beauty essentials but let me tell you, you need to try this. If your brows ever look flat and dull from the powdery products you've filled them in with, this is your saviour. Not only does it add a subtle sheen to brow hair, it also creates a fuller effect that has to be seen to be believed. Because of the tiny flecks of shimmer, it really does make brows stand out and look so full and thick. I favour this over Gimme Brow, ssssh!

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