Thursday 20 July 2017

Top Of The Tans

Who doesn't love a tan? Obviously living in such a sunshine deprived country, I usually have to get my tan from a bottle. As you can imagine, I've tried and tested many different tans and I actually forget what colour I'm supposed to be...

With trying so many different brands and formulas, I have come to know what makes a great tan. So luckily for you, I've picked my absolute favourite and it's not going to cost you all that much.

BBold Tan is a Northern Irish brand that only uses high grade DHA (the chemical that reacts with skin to create that tanned appearance) in their products. Not only do they produce three different fake tan formulas, they also have a leg spray, a body moisturiser, and a newly launched contour kit.

I judge a good tan by not only the colour payoff, and tone, but also how it wears off as there is absolutely nothing worse than patchy, scaley skin. I have two firm favourites within the BBold range, and these are the Smart Mousse, and the tanning liquid. I have tried the lotion too but I didn't find it applied as easily as the mousse or liquid so for that reason I rarely use it.

The liquid tan dries in less than five minutes and you aren't left feeling sticky for the rest of the day. The mousse dries just as quickly, with a slight stickiness but it's not unbearable and it's supposed to be rinsed off after a maximum of three hours any. However, I always wear my tan overnight before rinsing as I find that's how I get the best colour. 

Both the mousse and liquid last for the best part of five days on me and when they do start to wear off, it's more like a fade as oppose to a patchy mess. Another reason I'm dying about this tan is that it is so easy to scrub off. I've tried tans that look great but you have to scrub yourself raw to get them off which as you all know, is extremely unpleasant. BBold comes off with an exfoliating mitt and some Soap & Glory Pulp Friction, no hassle required!

If you're looking for a top quality tan that won't cost you a week's pay, you should really give BBold a try. Not only is it a fab olive tone, it smells amazing, and you'll look like you just rolled out of a hammock in Barbados. 

Buy here! It's £14.95 for the liquid and £12.95 for the mousse, but keep a look out in small pharmacies as they are usually on offer.

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