Monday 28 August 2017

Colourpop: My Most Recent Order

Colourpop is one of those brands that creates so many amazing products, with extremely reasonable price points. Unfortunately, it's not that easy to get a hold of here and the shipping plus high customs fees make for a rather extortionately priced cosmetics order.

They do however offer free international shipping occasionally, and when they don't, it's free shipping for any order over $50. So basically you can buy all you want and just pay the customs fee instead of both that and a shipping fee. You've just got to weigh up how much you're willing to spend on the most fantastic products you've ever seen.

I have placed a few Colourpop orders over the past year and I can truly say I have never been disappointed with any of their products. Some I do like more than others, but that's not to say the lesser liked are bad. Their Super Shock Shadows come in so many unique shades and finishes, it's impossible to choose only a few, and their satin liquid lipsticks are probably the best liquid lip formula I have ever tried.

L-R: Sea Stars, Fair Play, Going Steady, Top Notch, Making Moves, Criss Cross. Bottom Row L-R: Afterparty & Here Kitty Kitty
Within my most recent order, I purchased quite a few of their new(ish) single shadows. These are powder formulas and come in single pans ready to be slotted into a magentic palette. These particular shadows were reduced at the time, so I stocked up on some everyday shades as well as some more eye-catching colours.

The formula of these shadows reminds me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, because they are so soft and blend so easily, plus they are all currently $4. They have so many beautiful shades too so you can easily create your own palette, and they even throw in a free mini empty palette for you to store your shadows in. Handy!

Top to bottom: Sea Stars, Making Moves, Criss Cross, Going Steady, Fair Play, Top Notch.
I also bought one of their new pressed highlighters and bronzers. You can buy these either in a compact or as a single pan, I did the latter so I can slot it into my Z palette. I'm quite fussy about bronzers so after some intense Google searches for swatches I settled on the shade 'Private Party', it's a medium tan shade with a satin finish. The highlighter I bought is the shade 'Here, Kitty, Kitty', an icy champagne tone. The highlighter isn't as pigmented as the shadows are, and I do find it takes a bit of work to get the colour payoff with a fluffy brush, but once it's on it's gorgeous.

I also picked up two of their new brushes, a round pencil brush and a more flat shadow brush that is apparently great for applying the creamy Super Shock shadows. I haven't used the round pencil brush yet, but I've been using the flatter brush to pack on the powder shadows to the lid.

Overall, I am once again really impressed with what I ordered. If you're interested in trying Colourpop products but aren't sure where to start, I'd really recommend their Super Shock Highlighters, Super Shock Eyeshadows, Ultra Satin Lip Colour, annnnnnnd their new powder eyeshadows. Basically everything then.

You can buy your big box of goodies here!

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