Sunday 12 November 2017

November Glossybox: Time To Unsubscribe?

I know everyone is saying this, but how fast is the year going? It only seems like a week ago that I was on holiday, and now we're hurtling towards Christmas. It also definitely doesn't feel like a month since I posted about my last Glossybox!

I managed to avoid the spoilers this month, so when the box arrived I had absolutely no idea what its contents were. If I am being honest, I feel like this month's was a bit of a letdown, and I think I have only had a couple of good boxes over the last year, so I am in two minds about continuing on with my subscription.

First of all, I didn't receive the card in my box that tells you a bit more about each product, including the price, and sometimes there's also a sneak peek at the following month's box. This means I don't know the prices nor what is full size and what isn't, so that is a bit disappointing.

Anyway, the box contains a Boots Sheet Face Mask in Charcoal & Willow Bark. I have seen this before and although I am not the biggest fan of sheet masks, I am quite interested in trying it. One issue I do have is that it contains methylparaben, which I try to stay away from, but it's a one use product so it's not too big of a deal for me.

There's also a natural shower gel from Greenfrog Botanic. This is in the scent geranium and peppermint, and it does smell quite nice. It is also apparently good for eczema prone skin, and contains aloe vera to moisturise and cleanse. I like receiving shower gels in beauty boxes, as I love trying new ones and rarely repurchase the same brands, it's also great to get one from a brand I have never heard of before.

Collection have a brow product in this month's box, their Define & Perfect Eyebrow Powder. This is quite interesting in that it has a fine tip on the end much like a liquid eyeliner, and it distributes powder to fill in gaps and accentuate the shape of the brows. I'm unsure of how easy this will be to use but I'm willing to give it a try. It is also a great shade for me, 'Brunette 2', so that is off to a good start.

A few month's ago, Glossybox had a double ended pencil eyeliner in the box from the brand Sport FX which is available in Primark. This time it's a candy floss flavoured lip balm in a dome shape that you simply rub across your lips. I feel like I'm about 7 years old when I use it, as I grew out of sweet flavoured lipbalms years ago. It's a pinky colour but it's not too pigmented and gives my lips a subtle sheen. It would be handy to toss into my handbag for the colder weather, although I don't know how often I would reach for it over my other balms.

Finally, this month we were all treated to a Beauty UK contour/powder brush. I know Beauty UK isn't exactly a luxury brand, but they do make some great products, their nail polishes being one. This brush really surprised me because it looks far too dense to do anything with, but it's actually really soft and would be great for buffing in cream products. I'm thinking it may be good for my Chanel cream bronzer, or to buff in cream highlighters. I think this may be my favourite product from this month's box.

Overall, I feel like this month's Glossybox is a bit of a letdown. The contents usually have a theme, and complement each other, but these products feel a bit thrown together and like they just picked the products leftover in the warehouse to get rid of them before the year is out. Yes, there are a couple of satisfactory products, but I was most definitely not blown away. Maybe it's time to switch to another monthly box. Any suggestions?


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