Thursday 23 November 2017

Origins Overnight Renewal Set

This time of year is when all the Christmas sets start appearing, and it gets more and more difficult to focus on present buying, and not just treating myself. Nothing like a present to me, from me, to kick start the festive period.

I had a temporary moment of weakness when I was Christmas shopping, and I thought, "You know who'd like that? Me." In fairness, the sets are usually great value so it's not like I went out and spent an unnecessary fortune.

When it comes to Origins, I feel like I am late to the party as I have heard loads of people raving about their skin care. I only recently purchased the Ginzing Gel Moisturiser and so far I have really been loving it. This Overnight Renewal Set contains the Ginzing moisturiser, a pot of High Potency Night-A-Mins, a tube of the super hydrating Drink Up Intensive Mask, and a Modern Friction exfoliator.

The Night-A-Mins is a popular product that I had heard so much about, but the supposed richness of the moisturiser always put me off. It's a mineral enriched night cream with time-release resurfacers that replenish skin overnight. It also contains a relaxing orange fragrance that apparently helps with relaxation, thus aiding sleep. I was a bit unsure when I first applied it as it really is quite thick, but you only need the smallest bit and it goes a long way in moisturising and softening your skin. I thought it would sit on my skin and not really absorb at all, but it proved me wrong, as it definitely sunk into my skin and I woke up positively glowing. It's recommended for dry and combination skin, and me having oily areas I was sure I would wake up with a second head on my face, but thankfully no such horror has happened.

I won't spend too much time chatting about the Ginzing Gel Moisturiser, as I have a detailed post on it right here, but I really do enjoy using it. It's great for the morning as it's a light consistency that absorbs rather quickly leaving a nicely hydrated and non-greasy base ready for make up. The scent is also really refreshing!

I hadn't tried the Modern Friction scrub before, and was surprised at how grainy it is. I am still a bit undecided on how much I like it, although it is great for removing dull, dead skin, I got it in my eye by accident the last time I used it, and I am a bit reluctant to use it again. Yes, I know you shouldn't put these kinds of products around the eye area, but it was on the face cloth I was using and one false move left me squealing like a baby.

The Drink Up Intensive Mask is ideal for dry skin, and although I am nowhere near dry, it is nice to use once a week to give my skin a boost especially in the colder weather. You simply apply a reasonable amount to your skin before bed and you wake up looking fresh and glowing. It doesn't leave my skin oily the day after either and it smells delicious. It contains avocado and apricot kernel oils to deliver intense moisture and Japanese seaweed to prevent dehydration and signs of premature ageing. Basically, it's fabulous.

All the products in the set are of a decent size, the Night-A-Mins is a full size pot which usually retails at £36.50. The Drink Up Intensive, Modern Friction, and Ginzing are all 30ml, so the set being priced at £39 is a complete bargain.

You even get a little toiletry bag in the set to stash all your treats in, and they come in a lovely, Christmas inspired box. Origins have so many great value sets available this year that it's hard not to treat yourself, but if you are stuck for a Christmas gift for someone, maybe pop into Debenhams and have a look for yourself.

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