Tuesday 31 July 2018

One Palette, Two Looks: Stacey Marie & BPerfect

The last thing I need is another eyeshadow palette (ask my mum), but when I saw the swatches of the new BPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival Palette, I knew I just had to have it. It's made up of the most amazing shades, some brights, a few neutrals, and a couple of intense shimmers.

Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows how much I love colour on my face. I love to sit and play around with the brightest shades I can find and try and make them wearable. So as soon as this palette arrived at my house I couldn't wait to see what the pigment was like, and even though I wasn't going anywhere that day, I still created some glamorous eyes.

Although the palette is packed with bright hues, there are also some shades suited more to everyday eyeshadow looks, so I feel like there's something for everyone. I was going out for dinner one evening and decided to go for an olive toned, brownish smokey eye. I liked how it turned out, however I will say that the matte brown colour in the palette takes some time to build up and I don't feel like it gives me the deep, dark, chocolatey shade that I love. Apart from this I had no other issues with any of the shades, and they all blend out really easily.

This would be a great palette to take on holiday as there's so much choice, and there are even two really gorgeous highlighters and a decent mirror. If you're someone who is into colourful make up looks or you're a makeup artist, this would be the perfect investment!

It retails for £39.99 and you can find it right here.

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