Monday 24 September 2018

Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Vault

There has been so much controversy surrounding Jaclyn Hill recently, and I've seen a huge number of people questioning the quality and pigment of these palettes. For once I wasn't there refreshing my browser, eagerly awaiting the launch of The Vault either, as the last thing I needed was eye shadow. However, after seeing a few tutorials on Instagram from those who had already purchased the palettes, I decided to just hit the buy button. Was I glad I did? Read on and find out!

The Vault consists of four very different palettes, all of them containing enough shades and finishes to create a variety of eye looks. The palettes all come in sturdy cardboard packaging complete with a handy mirror. The only gripe I have is that Morphe keep making palettes in white, so they can become grubby really quickly. Why, Morphe, why?!

My favourite of the four has to be the Bling Boss palette, simply because it contains the most amazing violet colour, and anyone who knows me knows how I feel about purples. Bling Boss also has some stunning, matte plum shades and a couple of gorgeous, rose tinted shimmers.

My second favourite palette in the collection would have to be Dark Magic. I love olive greens and deep teals, and this palette is packed with them. There are two slightly grey toned shimmers in this palette that I am not a fan of, simply because I tend to steer clear of such shades, however they are extremely pigmented.

I was unsure of whether I would use both the Ring The Alarm and Armed & Gorgeous palettes, however, they have both come in quite handy. They contain warm browns, oranges, and shimmery golds, and although I don't tend to wear orange all that often, it has come in handy as a transition colour. Ring The Alarm in particular has almost become a daily essential, as it has all the colours required for an autumnal, warm brown, smokey eye.

In terms of quality, the shadows are quite good. For the price you shouldn't expect super high quality, and we all know Morphe are one of the most affordable brands out there. Most of the shades in the palettes are pigmented and easy to work with, although there are a few of the shimmer shades that require a bit more effort. I have had no issue with the matte shades, although some people may find them slightly dry. I feel that some of the green shades require a bit of building up to ensure an intense payoff, but this doesn't bother me as they blend out like a dream.

I have had so many compliments when I've worn shadows from these palettes, and even took Bling Boss to New York with me, where I also received a few lovely comments. I think you can buy the palettes separate on the UK Morphe website if the full collection doesn't tickle your fancy. However, if you have your eye on two palettes you might as well just buy the whole Vault, as you will probably end up like me and love them all. The full Vault is £49 or you can get the palettes separately for £15.

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