Thursday 4 October 2018

Goodbye Benefit, Hello Bobbi Brown

After two fun filled (slightly stressful) years of working for the number one brow brand in the UK, I have decided to wave goodbye to the pink, fluffy world of Benefit and manoeuvre my pointy boots into the land of luxurious Bobbi Brown lipsticks.

I have learnt so much while working for Benefit, as it was my first beauty counter experience. And although there were days where I wanted to use the uniquely shaped brow pencils as darts, I made some great friends and had my eyes opened to the world of beauty.

A lot of people may sniff if you say you work on a beauty counter, and I have had many people say, "Oh this must be a lovely job, just applying make up all day." Well, those who think we have it easy obviously have never worked for a fast paced, high targeted, traffic stopping beauty brand before. Yes, it does come with its perks; being given new launches before they come out, making ladies with no eyebrows feel better about themselves when they see the magic you've worked with a simple brow product, and of course working with some fab products. However, working for a cosmetic brand comes with a target, a pressure to look the part even when you feel like hiding in a back room, and being genuine, approachable and passionate about the brand at all times.

Contrary to popular belief, us beauty gals do not stand about from 9 to 5 painting each others faces. It is a lot more challenging both mentally and physically than some people would care to believe. You do however meet some great people and I felt like I was leaving a  family behind the day I handed in my notice, even though I've really only moved across the beauty hall.

I feel that Benefit provided me with a fantastic foundation of skills for working my way into the beauty industry and it taught me a lot about not only make up but how to perform to the best of my ability in a sales environment. Within those two years I learned a lot about the brand, their values, how they differ from other cosmetic brands, and the customer base they cater for.

Just under a year ago, a fresh new counter popped up in our beauty hall and as the Bobbi Brown sign was placed in all its glory, I knew exactly where I wanted to be. Patiently I waited for the opportunity to arise and when it did I grabbed it without hesitation. Well, there was a slight hesitation as I thought what if I move, don't like it and can't come back to the counter where I feel so comfortable? However, I talked myself round, thought of how I'd have to watch another person do the job I could have had, and came to my senses. I knew it was time to take on a new challenge, as after working for the same brand for two years I had learnt all I needed to know, and my passion for the brand was dwindling.
At this stage, I have completed my first week on the Bobbi Brown counter and to say I am enjoying it might be a slight understatement. My days have been flying in, and I put it down to the fact there are a mountain of products, shades, and exciting new launches that I get to sink my teeth into, and thus far I love it. The fact BB has such an array of products in a multitude of shades makes me so excited, as my Benefit family soon discovered when I was over highlighting them all to high heaven with a BB Shimmer Brick.

I am so grateful for all the girls I otherwise wouldn't have met had I not worked on the Benefit counter, and although we came up against some challenging times, we always helped each other through. That beauty room has witnessed its fair share of rants, tears, and laughter, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. Thankfully I am just across the beauty hall if I am ever needed for a mini counselling session, so I'll always be part of the Benefit family.

Between switching beauty brands, writing a magazine beauty column, and doing a bit of modelling on the side, I feel like I have been quite busy, and maybe slightly neglectful of my blog. I have just been so busy, and sometimes struggle to find the time to sit down and write, however, I am going to make more of an effort and ensure I set time aside to update my page more often. Just watch this space!

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