Wednesday 13 February 2019

Perfect Your Smile With Nu Skin!

Full lips and whiter teeth are two things (most) girls want. I drink copious amounts of black tea, and am always on the lookout for products that can undo some of the staining and give me my bright, shiny smile back again.

I was kindly sent two Nu Skin products by a lovely girl I've known for years (since playschool to be exact) called Gemma Elliott. Gemma sent me the Nu Colour Lip Balm, and the Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste, two things I was very keen to try.

Firstly, this isn't an ordinary lip balm. It not only moisturises and soothes lips, it also plumps and provides a refreshing cooling effect as soon as you apply. Its slight pink tint means it looks gorgeous alone, but can also be used as a protective base before applying other lip products. I must also add it's not thick, greasy or oily so it makes the perfect balm for under liquid lipsticks.

The whitening toothpaste also really impressed me. I am quite wary of whitening products as they can damage your enamel, but this appears to be quite gentle on teeth and I did notice a difference. I wish I had taken a before photo so I could document the difference, but take my word for it, this stuff works and I have tried a lot of different powders and pastes.

Both products are a hit with me, and the lip balm has been coming everywhere with me recently. If you would like more information on Nu Skin products or would like to purchase some for yourself, you can contact Gemma directly via her Facebook or her Instagram page right here.

Gemma is also currently offering 10% off both the lip balm & toothpaste!


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