Monday 14 August 2017

Brush Up Your Blending

Brushes play a huge part in the application of your make up and that's why it's important to choose wisely. You could have the most pigmented, high quality eyeshadow, but if your brushes aren't up to the job, it'll be a mess. That being said, you don't have to spend a ridiculous amount to build up a decent collection of brushes that if washed regularly, should last well.

The number of brushes I own is verging on being totally unnecessary, but there are so many to choose from, and they all do different things, whether it be crease blending, all over blending, applying eyehshadow to the lid, creating an inner corner highlight, or ensuring bronzer look seamless.

I have managed to choose a small number of brushes that I find I reach for the most, to not only give you all an insight into my extortionate collection, but to maybe give you ideas for brushes you feel you are missing.

First up are some brushes I use for my complexion. I use the Blank Canvas F20 flat top buffer brush for applying and blending out my foundation. It's brilliant and is exactly the same as a Sigma F80 I used to own. The Sigma brush lasted a few washes then started to shed, so I bought another and the same happened. So this Blank Canvas version is better and doesn't shed at all, it's also only £12.50.

Next is the Powder Brush from Real Techniques. I'm sure everyone and their cat has owned this brush at some stage. I have had this one for quite a few years and it is probably due to be replaced as it has become a little less soft that it was when I first bought it. It still does its job though and sets my face beautifully without disturbing my foundation.

Another favourite of mine is the Morphe R36. I use this to apply highlighter to the high points of my face as I find it's easier to control than a fan brush, and distributes a good amount of product. It's dense enough to pick up highlighter but fluffy enough to do a good job at blending.

Another Morphe brush I love is the E4. This is the perfect shape for applying blusher to cheekbones and again, its density means it picks up a good amount of product. Its size means it keeps your blusher in the area it should be instead of colouring your whole cheek, it's also loved by YouTuber, Jaclyn Hill. This one I own is slightly stained even after washing, and my beloved Benefit Galifornia is to blame.

Last in the complexion section is my absolute favourite bronzer brush. I always struggled to find a good brush for bronzer, many were too dense or too fluffy but this is perfect. The Benefit Hoola Brush is slightly tapered too so you can contour under your cheekbones to add extra definition. It's the perfect size and makes blending a breeze.

Eye brushes are my favourite kind because I love applying eyeshadow. Most of my favourite brushes at the minute are from Morphe, as I find they are great quality without a high price tag. The Morphe E17 is fab for applying colour to the outer corner of the eye, as it's dense but has a tiny bit of fluffiness that blends. Another brush that is slightly fluffier but a good bullet shape for the outer corner, is one I stumbled across on eBay. It's from the brand Chique, and is called a crease brush. It has longer bristles than the E17 and is so soft, plus it's only £2.39!

The Morphe M151 and M431 are both great for blending out the lower lashline. The latter is a pencil brush so it can smudge out any harsh eyeliner, whereas the M431 is also good for applying shadow to smaller areas like the inner corner of the eyelid.

I use the Morphe R35 and Y19 to apply shadow to my crease, the Y19 is one of my most recent buys and I love it. It's tapered, really soft, and blends like a dream.The R35 is slightly flatter on the top so it's not as precise for applying shadow but it is great for blending it out.

Lastly, my two favourite blending brushes that I use to buff out any harsh lines are the Morphe R37 and the Sigma E35. They are both really fluffy and I never put any product on them, I keep them clean so I'm not adding anything extra when I'm blending out eyeshadow. If you want to invest in any new brushes, I'd say buy a good fluffy brush for blending, and the Y19 tapered crease brush. It makes such a difference to your eyeshadow application and your work will look all the better for it. And if you don't have much to spend, Morphe is definitely the way to go.

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