Thursday 17 August 2017

Jazzy Jewellery

Anyone who knows me knows I love chokers. I have to wear black to work everyday so having a bit of sparkle or eye-catching colour around my neck helps to brighten things up. I have really built up my necklace collection recently, and the majority are under a tenner. I particularly love chokers because they sit at the perfect position on my neck, but I'm also a fan of long, simple chains.

My favourite online store for buying necklaces and chokers is definitely Forever 21. I feel like it is sometimes overlooked as being a shop for young teens, but I have bought some fab pieces from there and they are so affordable. I have picked out a few of my current favourites so maybe you too can treat yo' self!

All of the above are from Forever 21, and range from a single sparkly choker, to simple pink suede. There's also a really pretty faux gem necklace too, which I already own.

Next is New Look...

I really love the last one, a pink crystal and pearl necklace. It's definitely on my wish list. ASOS also has some great budget friendly pieces...

The second choker is one I have already purchasesd, and it is even more beautiful in real life. The stones in the hearts have purple, black, and dark green tones. The price is also such a bargain!

Finally, here are some really pretty chokers I found on the H&M site. I bought a lovely blush nude, frilly ribbon type choker in there a few days ago (pictured in the very first image), but unfortunately I couldn't find it on their site. It should still be in stores though if you like the look of it.

So there you go, a quick look at some of the necklaces and chokers available at the minute. All of the above are so budget friendly you could even buy a few. I really love the choker trend as they polish off any outfit perfectly, and are great for layering with a longer necklace. Feel free to share in the comments below if you've found any great jewellery bargains recently!

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