Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Guest Post: Reviewing the Light Shade of Conscience Clear Tan

Hey everyone! I'm Yasmin also known as SnazzyYazi, I'm the owner of Style Blog. If you want to hear my thoughts on a new on the market light tan for pale skin, keep on reading.

Tanning is back with a bang! Everywhere you look these days on social media, you see a brand new tan, and people are loving it!

When I was gifted with the new Conscience Clear Tan, I was excited because 1; it was made by my favourite hairdressers (Ronan Stewart and Conor Grant of RoCo) and 2; it came in light! - also Medium and Dark 👍🏼

The tan is odourless, organic and contains no perfume or parabens and is vegan friendly. 💕

I applied the tan on the Thursday night after epilating and moisturising the night before. The tan is liquid so I applied with a tanning mit. Long gone are my school days where I used to apply the darkest (cheapest) tan I could find with an old sock. 🍊

It applied quite light so I was  worried I got the wrong colour, but it darkens once it dries. I then let it develop over night and in the morning the colour was a light golden colour - not much colour came off in the shower which I liked! Here's what it looked like after washing it off. 

I'm really happy with the results as the tan is really natural and gives you a healthy glow. Also, it really is odourless! 🙌🏼

It costs £20 and you can buy the tan here on the Roco Website.

I'd love to know if you've tried this or if you are thinking on buying it!

SnazzyYazi xo

Yasmin Robinson


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