Monday 21 August 2017

Conscience Clear Tan

With so many different tans available on the market promising a gorgeous golden glow, it's easy to forget about the chemicals that these products may contain. I for one have become more aware of parabens, especially those that are suspected to be linked to certain types of breast cancer. Just a quick Google search on parabens and other cosmetic ingredients is certainly an eye opener, and sometimes I feel like I'm better not knowing what dangerous chemicals are lurking in my favourite products.

That being said, I find it refreshing that many brands are now realising that more and more consumers are becoming more educated about the likes of parabens, and are reformulating and using the phrase 'paraben free' as a way to promote their products. Frankly I'm all for it!

This organic tan from Conscience Clear is a liquid tan free from both perfume and parabens, and is developed with carbon neutral ingredients. It's also vegan friendly and comes in three shades, light, medium, and dark.
The packaging is quite simple and straight to the point, with a clear bottle that makes it really easy to see how much product you have left. I love this, as most tans comes in opaque bottles so you have no idea if you are going to run out halfway through a full body application, and end up looking like a chocolate digestive; one side brown, the other biscuity white.

The tan is a liquid and is best applied with a mitt or gloves. I used a double sided, velvet glove to apply it. It is very watery so I had to be careful it didn't run off the mitt. The shade I was kindly given is medium as that is what shade I'd usually go for in other tans I have used. There doesn't seem to be an overly obvious guide colour so I did struggle slightly, wondering where I had missed. I just made sure to rub over all areas with my mitt a couple of times to ensure there weren't going to be any white bits.

After about ten minutes I started to notice I was looking more golden and as the day went on I was getting darker. I left it on overnight and woke up to some very bronzed looking legs, and it was even, hooray! I rinsed it off in the shower and I didn't notice any colour coming off which is good because I stayed the same shade as I was before my shower.
Before & After
There is no biscuity smell, and it wasn't sticky. It just felt like I had put moisturiser on my legs after I had applied it and it didn't feel heavy. Even after I had showered, my skin had a sheen to it which proves it's not at all drying on the skin. I do really like this tan and am eager to see how many days I get out of it, and of course I will be sure to update you all! 

Conscience Clear Tan is available to buy in Roco or on their site here.

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