Tuesday 8 August 2017

Have I Found The Perfect Contour Kit?

If you know me you will know of my love for bBold tan, and if you don't you can read all about it here. They recently launched a contour kit that not only contains a contour shade, but a highlighter and bronzing powder too. I actually convinced myself I didn't need it, but then my friend ended up winning one and said I needed it, so I caved. (I'm looking at you, Orlaith!)

I am not the biggest fan of contouring simply because if it isn't done properly it can be a real mess. I usually just strategically place my bronzer under my cheekbones to create a more sculpted effect that's quick and easy.

I love highlighter and prefer it to beam to high heaven, but I didn't have high hopes for the highlighting shade in this palette. It looked a little less pigmented than what I usually go for, but it's actually beautiful on the skin and looks really glowy. The bronzer looks a bit orangey in the pan, I was worried I would have a repeat episode of that time I tried out Mac's 'Give Me Sun' bronzer. Willy Wonka asked me to come and work in his chocolate factory. However, the bronzer in this palette turned out to be a good shade to match fake tan and doesn't look powdery or super matte when applied, so it warms your complexion but looks really natural.

Now, the contour shade is really impressive. The tone of the powder means it creates a believable contour that is so easy to blend out, and because it's a fine powder you can be as subtle or as intense as you fancy. I always find the secret to a blendable contour is setting your foundation well before using any kind of coloured powder on top.

The three powders are housed in a sturdy black case, complete with a great quality mirror for touching up on the go. This would be a handy palette to bring on holiday as the shades could also double up as eyeshadows.

I am really impressed with this palette as I find it's so easy to go wrong when it comes to contouring and finding the right shade. Out of all the contouring products I have tried I think this one might be my favourite, and it makes sculpting my face so easy that I actually look forward to using it. If you have struggled to find a blendable contour powder that doesn't look muddy on the skin, you should give this a try. It'll give you cheekbones to die for!

Available here! Treat yo' self.

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