Tuesday 12 September 2017

The Most High-End Foundation To Ever Grace My Face

YSL recently launched their All Hours Liquid Foundation so of course I had to try it. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge fan of the Too Faced Born This Way foundation, so anything else has to really impress me.
'All Hours' promises full, matte coverage that lasts up to 24 hours, with a waterproof, transfer resistant finish, and SPF 20. If you find that your make up melts off your face during the day or becomes sticky and uncomfortable, this could work for you.

I received two samples of the foundation, one in the shade BD 35 & BD 40, so I could mix them depending on how much tan I had on. I generally mix shades anyway, because I find it hard getting one bottle of foundation that is a spot on match. I was also kindly given a sample of the Touche Éclat Blur Primer, something which I have always been fascinated by as it contains small gold flecks throughout.

The 'Blur Primer' looks quite runny, but once applied it has a silky feel and smoothed my skin really well, ready for applying the foundation. I was pleasantly surprised by the scent of the foundation, it smells almost like watermelon; this soon fades once applied though, so if you dislike scents in your make up, don't let this put you off.

The coverage of this foundation is most definitely full, and I found no matter how much I applied it didn't look cakey as it's quite a thin forumla. Mixing the two shades gave me a really good match for my tanned body, and the finish looked matte but not dry or flat. Throughout the day, as the natural oils of my skin started to make their way out of my pores and the foundation started to settle, it still looked flawless. I did have to blot my face at about 5pm after having the make up on from around 11am, but that is quite normal for me.

This foundation lasted right until the late evening and it didn't budge off the end of my nose where most other foundations tend to fail. It didn't begin to feel sticky either, and although I could see tiny dots on my chin where my oil was starting to come through, the foundation still stood its ground and felt comfortable.

'All Hours' also photographs beautifully, making my skin look so smooth and luminous. I really, really like this foundation, and was pleasantly surprised because I tend to steer clear of any foundations that offer a matte finish.

The primer probably isn't the best match for my oily areas, but if you are dry to normal it would be great. It doesn't specifically offer oil control but it leaves skin smoothed and ready for the rest of your make up. When I used the foundation with my usual oil controlling primers, I found it lasted better on my oily areas.

Overall, I really, really enjoyed using this foundation. I've been trying so many new foundations recently on alternate days, and having used this one on five different occasions, it has really stood out. It looked beautiful on, dried well, stayed put, and lasted until I went to wash it off in the late evening. The shade range is also rather extensive, with a good variety of tones to suit both fair and tanned complexions. It gets a massive thumbs up from me!

All Hours Foundation is £33.50 
Touche Éclat Blur Primer is £29.50

I'd also like to mention YSL's new men's fragrance, 'Y'. Described as, "Bright and fresh at the top with geranium, lavender and white aldehydes, yet strong and sensual at the heart & base with balsam fir incense and tonka bean." It's one of the most light and fresh men's fragrances that I have ever come across, in fact I'd nearly wear it myself. A far throw from the usual heavy, musky scents on the market, this would be a great daytime scent.

Priced at £53 for 60ml or £72 for 100ml.

And for the ladies, there's the gorgeous fresh red berry and white flower scent of Mon Paris. I have recently been using the Mon Paris Body Lotion, and it is so luxurious. It leaves my skin silky soft with the added bonus of a soft, subtle scent that I kept getting wafts off throughout the day. It almost smells good enough to eat!

Mon Paris Body Lotion is £38

Product images courtesy of yslbeauty.co.uk

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