Monday 2 October 2017

L'Oreal Hydra Genius

Over the past year I have become really interested in skincare, especially serums. Serums tend to be more of a watery consistency than moisturisers, and therefore absorb into the skin a lot quicker.

As you probably already know, since I mention it in most of my posts, I would be more on the oily side of the skin spectrum. Because of this I look for light moisturisers for daytime that sink in quickly, and don't leave a film on my face. L'Oreal Hydra Genius is a moisturiser-serum hybrid that looks, feels, and applies much like a serum, but provides the hydrating and soothing effect of a moisturiser.

This lightweight moisturiser contains aloe water and hyaluronic acid that hydrate and invigorate skin, and honestly it feels really refreshing. There are also three versions of this product, one for dry/sensitive skin, another for dry/normal skin and a third for normal/combination skin. Being quite oily, I opted for the latter version, only to find it contains methylparaben, a preservative possibly linked to breast cancer. It is quite low in the ingredients list though, so I have continued to use it as I do like the product and I don't particularly want to throw it away.

On closer inspection, I found that neither the formula for sensitive skin, nor the normal skin version contain any parabens, something that I find quite strange. I do try and check most ingredients lists before I buy anything these days, but somehow this one slipped through the net. I decided to just buy the formula for dry/normal skin for when I have finished my current bottle, simply because it's free from nasty parabens. I'm hoping in the future, L'Oreal will start removing those chemicals from all of their products.

Another downside to this product is that it contains dimethicone, a silicone used in products such as foundations and primers. It does smooth skin and help to lock in moisture, but I wouldn't use this product at night as I just don't like the thought of applying silicone on my skin before I got to sleep.
You don't exactly feel the dimethicone when you apply it, and it is great for daytime as it provides a smooth base for make up, but I just prefer to use silicone free products in the evening. In saying that, dimethicone or any silicone for that matter does not clog pores as it cannot physically be absorbed by the skin, so there is no need to worry about it causing spots or irritation if you were to use it at night.

Overall, I do really like this product, and it is a cheaper alternative to much more expensive serums on the market, such as the Vichy Aqualia Thermal (£25), which also contains hyaluronic acid and surprisingly, dimethicone. L'Oreal's Hydra Genius usually costs £9.99, however, it is sometimes on offer for £6.66 for the 70ml bottle. It does provide lasting hydration, sinks in extremely quickly, and feels really refreshing in the morning, plus the bottle is a reasonable size and feels very luxurious.

You can buy it here!


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