Thursday, 5 October 2017

Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette

If you happen to have Instagram, you are probably sick to the back teeth of seeing this palette splashed across your feed recently. Having launched in America quite a few months ago, last Thursday was the UK's turn to feed off the hype and try and get their hands on one for themselves.

After originally being told Beauty Bay had no plans to even stock this palette, I was overjoyed to learn they had struck a deal and were to be launching it at the end of September. Not wanting to miss out, I signed up to be notified and sure enough, after setting my alarm for launch day, I woke up bright and early to ensure I was able to get one without any hassle. It also arrived within two days of ordering which I found rather impressive considering the volume of orders they must have received.

I thought the service and swift checkout on the site was fantastic, although I did see quite a few angry comments online bashing Beauty Bay for not being prepared for the numbers of people wishing to grab the palette, which has sold out in America on numerous occasions. Anyway, I have seen on Instagram that it's to be restocked this month on their site, so if you missed it first time around you've got a second chance. Hooray!

So the burning question is, is it really worth the hype? You know those products you've seen all over social media that you feel like you just have to have, yet when you finally get one for yourself it's not all that great? Well, this is certainly not one of them.

I know warm toned palettes have been extremely popular recently, and although they are beautiful I am kind of bored of the same shades being churned out again and again. That's why this Morphe palette really stands out for me, as yes, it does contain some warm shades, but it also has an amazing purple, forest green, and even a minty colour. It has a bit of everything and because of this, the variety of looks you could create are pretty much endless.

The packaging is also much different to usual Morphe palettes; it's cardboard instead of plastic, but it does feel solid and well made. It's also a really nice silvery white, which looks great but I've found it's quite hard to keep clean as you can imagine it gets covered in make up easily.

So onto the nitty gritty, the pigmentation. It's most definitely just as pigmented, if not more, than previous Morphe palettes, and from watching how picky Jaclyn Hill was on Snapchat when she was creating this, I feel like all her work has paid off. She did say she kept sending shadows back to the factory because they weren't the high quality she was hoping to create, so you can imagine how great the colour payoff is now.

The first photo is taken in natural light and the second is with flash, so you can see that the colours look great in any light. I used a couple of the shades on my eyes yesterday, and even though it was a pretty basic look, the shades blended really well and looked lovely. I am so surprised at how pigmented the turquoise shades is as it's completely matte and usually shades like that can be quite chalky. The palette also contains a black shadow which is notoriously a hard shade to get right, but Morphe and Jaclyn have got the forumla just right.

For £37 this is a such a good palette as you get 35 shadows, that works out at just over a £1 per shadow. Plus the quality is of that of a much more expensive brand. I'd say the next drop of these palettes on Beauty Bay will be another sell out, so be sure to sign up to their email notificiations, as that's what I did and I was sent a link to early access about half an hour before it went officially live on their site. Just make sure you're following Beauty Bay on either Instagram or Facebook as details of the next batch will be available soon.


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