Wednesday 20 December 2017

The Ultimate Tan: Bloggers' Big Night Out

It's officially Christmas time, which in the blogging world means lots of prosecco and shimmying around in sequins to get the perfect boomerang shot for Instagram.

Fashion blogger SnazzyYazi decided to organise a night out for all of us local bloggers to get together and just have a bit of a party. We all met up, ate some food at Brickwork, had a few cocktails, and strutted off to have a dance.

In the run up to the big night out I had been eyeing up the BPerfect tan, and when I spotted the pop up stall in Foyleside shopping centre, I thought I'd treat myself. I purchased the dark watermelon shade in the hope of not having to put two layers on like I do with other fake tans. I also picked up their concealer and highlighter pen, which is a great yellowy shade, perfect for under eye brightening or contouring.

During the week I epilated my legs, exfoliated and moisturised, ready to slather on the deliciously scented BPerfect tan. It is a liquid tan so it comes in a spray bottle that you spray directly onto the mitt and rub into the skin. I applied quite a generous amount to my body and after as little as five minutes, I could already see the colour beginning to become really deep. At this point, the excitement kicked in.

The tan dried in relatively quickly, and I didn't feel sticky at all. There was also just a faint smell of the distinctive tan scent, but I love that smell anyway...I know, I am weird. The next day I woke up with the most gorgeous, deep tan I think I have had from a bottle in a long time. The real test though was how much would disappear down the drain in the shower.

I held my breath as I rinsed the tan in the shower, as this is where a lot of tans have failed for me. The water did have a hint of a tan colour in it, but when I stepped out it still looked dark and even.

The tan 3 days after application.
As I'm writing this, I have had it on for four days and it still looks pretty fresh. I did have to put a bit extra on my neck and chest as I find this area doesn't take fake tan as well as I'd like, but that happens with whatever tan I use, so it's not unexpected.

On the night of the party, I used St Tropez Instant Tan Finishing Gloss down my shins to give them a gleam, and I must say, it looked fabulous. The sheen it gave my legs made my skin look so hydrated and glowy, almost oily but without any sticky feeling. If you want something to give your tan a boost, you should definitely invest in this, it could be used anywhere you like to accentuate your tan and ensure your skin looks smooth and supple.

Cocktails @ Brickwork
The night out was so much fun and it was lovely to get to finally meet some people I have followed for so long. It was also refreshing to be in the company of people who all support and promote each other, and know how to have a proper party. The fact I was in love with my tan also made the night just that little bit better!

Update on the tan: Scrubbed it off today after wearing it for 5 days! I could have easily worn this tan for three consecutive nights out as it looked so great on my legs. I can be quite picky when it comes to leg tan, but this was amazing. I decided to scrub it off today as my skin was becoming quite dry because I am useless at moisturising my body. It came off easily enough with some Soap & Glory Pulp Friction and an exfoliating mitt. So it gets a massive thumbs up from me. I am dying to try the brush on lashes BPerfect sells too, but I think I've done enough spending for now!

You can purchase BPerfect online here, or at their pop up shops around Northern Ireland.

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