Sunday, 17 December 2017

The £300 Hairdryer: Is It Worth The Price?

Up until recently I had been using my trusty £20 Argos hairdryer but then I happened to enter a competition through QVC, and a few weeks later I was chosen as one of the lucky winners to receive a Dyson Hairdryer. No, I couldn't quite believe it either.

Just weeks before, I had spotted the £300 hairdryers displayed in John Lewis on my trip to Newcastle, and thought, 'Who would pay such a price?' So when I was informed that I had won one for myself, I think my heart may have stopped for a split second.

The Dyson Supersonic has been hailed a game changer in the haircare industry. It differs from a traditional dryer in that it is engineered to protect hair from heat damage, whilst cutting down on drying time. It uses airflow rather than intense heat to dry, and so your hair should be left feeling smooth & healthy.

There are three heat settings and speeds, as well as three magnetic attachments. There's a diffuser to volumise, a styling nozzle, and a smoothing nozzle, all of which I would use, especially the diffuser which simulates natural drying, but minimises frizz for a more defined finish.

The hairdryer itself is also quite an unusal design. It houses the motor in the handle instead of the head, meaning its weight is more balanced. With the three heat settings, it ensures the temperature can be customized to stop that burning sensation from intense, direct heat.

But the burning question is, is it really worth the price? I find it definitely doesn't blow my hair around as much as my Argos offering, and drying time is cut. The diffuser did an impressive job at bringing out my natural waves and ensuring a smooth finish too. I must also mention the Dyson Supersonic is a lot quieter than a standard hairdryer, and looks very hi-tech. It's smooth, iron exterior is very sleek, with a flash of fuschia, and it really stands out from the hairdryer crowd in terms of design.

Overall, I do enjoy using the Dyson dryer and find the technology behind it extremely interesting. Would I pay £300 for one? Probably not, solely because I would feel very guilty splashing that amount on a personal care product. If I had that kind of money to just throw around then yes, I probably would invest in one. For now, I am just happy I can say I have one and it cost me absolutely nothing!

You can find out more about the Dyson Supersonic and the research behind it right here.


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