Sunday 7 January 2018

ColourPop: My Latest Order

ColourPop has to be my favourite eyeshadow brand, ever! I love playing around with many different colours on my eyes and rarely would I settle for a plain neutral smokey eye, so their wide array of shades make it so simple to jazz up my daily make up look.

The only issue I have with ColourPop is that it's not easily available here in the UK, so ordering it off their US site is the only option. Of course this also comes with the pain of high shipping costs and custom fees just to get it to your door. However, this doesn't put me off, and although I wouldn't order from their site too regularly because of this, I do bide my time and only place an order once in a while.

So what did I get this time? This order may be my favourite of them all, as I purchased all eyeshadows instead of lip or cheek colours. Firstly, I had my eye on their "Dusk 'Till Dawn" collection; a box containing six of their famous Super Shock Shadows. If you have never owned one of their Super Shocks, they are not like a standard powder shadow. They feel almost wet to the touch, and the pigment is like no other.

The shades within this collection are duochrome, so most of them colour shift when you wear them, and they look gorgeous! I am so glad I finally decided to buy this set, as it has now disappeared off their site, phew!

I also purchased the Dream Street palette ($16) which was created by Kathleen Lights. I didn't realise it was so small, so when I opened the box I was a bit surprised, but this doesn't bother me. The shade range within the palette is quite interesting, there are twelve colours and I'm sure I will wear all of them. There's a deep reddish brown, a metallic teal, and even a matte red, so the colour combinations are endless. You could create a soft eye for day or a more bright look for a night out, so for such a small palette it has a lot of colour combination potential!

Within my order I also chose some more of the ColourPop single powder shadows, as I have a few already and I use them almost every day. Their pigmentation is amazing, and because they are so cheap I am always in awe of how well they blend and maintain their colour. They also come in a pans much like a MAC eyeshadow, so they can be easily placed into a magnetic palette.

Finally, I also chose a single Super Shock Shadow in the shade "Cat Nap". This was one of the shades from ColourPop's collaboration with Laura Lee, and the profits from any of her creations go to Best Friends Animal Society, a national animal welfare organisation. Their Super Shock shadows are $5 each, while their single pressed powder shadows are $4, so you can't really argue with that. 

After posting some photos of my order on Instagram, I had a few messages regarding the postage and customs charges. ColourPop offer free delivery to international orders of $50 and above, which roughly works out at about £36. Then when it arrives in the UK, usually it will incur a customs fee. I have never been charged over £18 for customs, which I don't think is too bad. I only order from the site once in a while, and usually place quite a big order.

If you are worried about the charge, you could place an order for you and a friend and split the customs. I look at it as if the customs charge is basically the postage because the postage is free for a $50 order. If you don't want to order a lot, the postage is $9.99, and then the customs charge on top. I have also seen ColourPop do free international shipping, although this is quite rare, and you will still face a customs fee when your parcel arrives in the UK.
I am so pleased with everything in this order and although I definitely did not need it, it was a pre-Christmas order that I placed so technically it's a gift to myself... I also think you can never have too many eyeshadows, you have to have options, right?


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