Wednesday 10 January 2018

Glittery Eyes Without The Fuss: Touch In Sol

I love a bit of shimmer and sparkle, and try to look for products that don't require too much effort because I don't have time for glitter and glue every day.

Recently, I had been seeing a brand called 'Touch in Sol' cropping up on social media and ASOS's beauty section, and decided to try one of their 'Metallist Foil & Glitter' duos. They are a Korean brand, offering primers, mascaras, cleansers, these amazing eyeshadows, and so much more.

After some swatch research, I picked a shade called 'Margaret' and eagerly anticipated its arrival. The product is a double ended wand, one end holds the liquid, metallic eyeshadow, the other is the glitter. Both have an applicator built in to help with precise application and they distribute just the right amount of product.

Margaret is a coppery shade, and I was so excited when I pulled it out of the box. Touch In Sol suggest you use the liquid shadow as a base first, then layer on the glitter or you can use it any way you please. I followed their suggestion and after blending a crease colour and outer corner shade on my eyes, I went in with the liquid product.

It's honestly so pigmented you only need to use a small amount, and it is easily blended to get rid of any harsh edges. Soon after, while the product was still wet, I applied some of the glitter and again it was easy to apply. The glitter isn't like any other glitter I have tried, it is more like a foil. It seems to adhere to both bare skin and the liquid shadow really well, minimising mess.

It also blends out without looking patchy or uneven, and looks really smooth. I used my finger to pat it in so it stayed put and lightly blended out the edges. The effect was so pretty! It really does look like liquid metal on your lids, even in dull light it has a shimmery appearance.

I would of course recommend applying this product before you've done your foundation as with all glittery or loose pigment products, there was a tiny bit of fall out when I was blending it onto my lid. Nothing too bad, just some sparkle going AWOL.

I was in the bathroom admiring my eyelids under the bright lights, because it's amazing! The product doesn't transfer to your crease either which is something that can happen with liquid prouducts on your lids. If you really love glitter but don't enjoy the task of applying it, you should definitely give these a go. You could create a shimmery, metallic, glittery eye in about 5 minutes and you don't need to wrorry about it falling down your face during the day. There are five shades in this range, and I would love to own them all!

Touch In Sol is available on Cult Beauty.

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