Friday 8 June 2018

Iconic Bronze Tan Eraser & Dark Tanning Mousse

At the most recent NI Blogger Brunch, we were all very kindly given a bag of Iconic Bronze products to take home. I always have tan of some depth and description on, however, I had never actually tried Iconic Bronze before.

I received a bottle of their Tan Eraser, their Dark Tanning Mousse and one of their gorgeously soft tanning mitts. I have had the opportunity to try all three products out a few times now, so I think it's time I shared my thoughts!

I had applied tan five days prior, and it became really quite patchy and dry so it was the perfect time to test out the Tan Eraser. I have previously used, and liked, the Bondi Sands Tan Eraser, however it is £14.99 and that's a lot to pay just to take your tan off. The Iconic Bronze Tan Eraser is slightly cheaper at £12.99.
The bottle recommends you apply it and leave it on for around five to ten minutes, which is easy enough done. After that you can get in the shower, or bath, and use an exfoliating mitt to remove the old tan, and it should come off without any hassle. I was actually amazed at how easily my tan came off, and even my elbows, ankles and knees didn't need too much extra scrubbing. Once it was all off, I gave my body a quick exfoliation with my trusty Soap & Glory Pulp Friction and I looked like a new, very pale, woman.
Left: Old, patchy tan. Right: After Tan Eraser
I honestly think this works more effectively than the Bondi Sands eraser, and even my mum agrees because of course she had to have a go! It also leaves my skin feeling a lot softer and doesn't feel like it's been stripped of its natural oils, so for that reason I would definitely repurchase it.

Obviously after making sure all my old tan was well and truly off, I had to tan up again! I was so happy to receive the dark mousse from Iconic Bronze, as I usually buy the darker formulas of any tan I try. This tan is enriched with sodium hyaluronate which is apparently great for ensuring your skin stays hydrated. It promises a long lasting, olive glow, with an even wear off and it's also free from parabens which gets a huge thumbs up from me. Did I mention it also smells delicious?
Top: Before & After one layer of dark mousse
When I apply it I leave it on overnight and rinse it in the morning. The colour it gives straight after application is absolutely gorgeous. It really is an olive tone, which I love, and you only feel slightly sticky for about 15 minutes. I also noticed how it doesn't sit in my pores on my chest, which is something I have started to experience with my beloved bBold tan. This mousse just glides on, is easy to buff out and feels very smooth and moisturising.

I get a good 4-5 days of wear with this tan, and when it starts to wear off I don't feel like I need to scrub it off immediately. It fades evenly enough, although around my neck it did go a tiny bit patchy, but that's because I use glycolic acid and moisturiser so every tan does that on me after a few days wear. The great thing about this tan though is that it is so easily removed both with the tan eraser and without. I would actually keep the tan eraser for use on more stubborn tan formulas, because the dark mousse removes well enough with just my exfoliating mitt and scrub.

As I am writing this, I have a fresh layer of the Iconic Bronze mousse on and it looks so good! I feel like I could just get dressed and go out because the mousse isn't sticky or clammy in the slightest, and the colour is lovely and deep. I must also mention the tanning mitt, it's super soft and has a thumb space in it, which makes it so much easier to apply your tan more evenly. I am really impressed with this brand and I just know I'll be repurchasing both bottles when they're done, and maybe even give some of their other products a go too!

You can purchase the dark mousse, tan eraser, and mitt in a bundle all for £30 right here, or of course you can buy each product separately.


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