Saturday 2 June 2018

Northern Ireland Blogger Brunch

Having attended the previous blogger brunch back in February, I was eagerly anticipating the next one and as soon as the invite pinged into my inbox, there I was, sending the quickest RSVP. So after a 5am start and an hour and a half drive to Belfast, I arrived.

If you don't know what the blogger brunch is, it's basically two hours where bloggers from all over Northern Ireland come together to chat, network and exchange advice and gripes they may have about the blogging world. Also in attendance are brand representatives chatting about their products and giving tips on collaborations.

This time the brunch was held at Cast and Crew in the Titanic Quarter of Belfast. Originally, we were to sit outside in the good weather we'd been having in previous days, however in true old Norn Iron fashion, the sun disappears when you make any kind of outdoor plans. On arrival we were treated to a magical potion consisting of Natural Umber's Apple Cider Vinegar and some sparkling water. Apparently there are endless benefits that come from drinking such a concoction, including better digestion and feeling more energised. I have to say, once you get over the initial vinegar waft when you lift the glass to your mouth, it wasn't all that bad. We were all kindly given a bottle to take home too, so I really need to get on it.

So after doing shots of vinegar, we all piled into Cast and Crew, while Cathy Martin and her team did their best to reorganise the place, and the brunch began. There were so many new faces this time which is great to see, because I feel there is room for everyone in the blogging world. I was sat next to my brother (you can have a look at his blog right here), SnazzyYazi, and Tristan from TGavy.

On our tables were necklaces kindly gifted from Wisteria London, and I was lucky enough to get the prettiest angel wing. We also had bags from Iconic Bronze, an Irish tanning brand I've been seeing everywhere, but have never actually tried. And if you follow me on Instagram, you know how much fake tan I get through... My bag contained a full sized bottle of their dark mousse and a bottle of their tan eraser, which I am really keen to try as I already love the Bondi Sands version. Iconic Bronze also kindly gave us one of their tanning mitts, which is one of those amazing, thick, double sided ones. Yay!

So after some brief discussions about all things blogging, we were served some gorgeous scrambled eggs and chorizo on toast with avacado and spinach. That was just the starter, as there were also some hot dogs from Finnebrogue Artisan sizzling away on the BBQ outside. Unfortunately, our pitstop at Dungiven Spar earlier that morning meant that my stomach was already full with half of the hot food counter, so I had to skip a course. I did however have room for the Morelli's ice cream, and oh my goodness, it was amazing. I chose good old fashioned chocolate, and the lady serving it was so generous with her scoops (My kinda gal!).

I always enjoy meeting other bloggers and hearing their thoughts on how the blogging world is developing, and it's also really refreshing to meet so many like-minded people, especially those who, like me, aren't in this for the "free stuff" or the followers, we simply do it because we love it! 

Now here are some outfit details and photos of me trying to be cool.
Dress: ASOS
Shoes: Primark
Jacket: Bershka
Sunglasses: H&M
Tan: Freshly Baked London Dark Mango 


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