Friday 6 July 2018

Summer Favourites

It has been a while since I've posted about my current favourite products, and what better time than now! With the recent heatwave, I've been adding some extra colour to my face and nails, so I thought I ought to share a few of the products that I've been totally loving in recent weeks.

Cirque Colors Neon Nail Polish
I searched high and low for extra bright nail polish to make my (fake) tan pop, and finally I found my dream shades. There are so many different colours in this collection, but my two favourites are 'Retail Therapy' and 'Extra'. The latter being the most outrageously bright orange that basically still glows in dim light. I love them on my fingers, but they also look so gorgeous on your toes. I am in love.

Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water
This is basically glorified water in a can. But with the recent hot spell it has been an absolute lifesaver! You know that horrible, stuffy, sweaty feeling when you're stuck in a car in 26 degree heat? This sorts that right out with a quick spritz on your face and neck. It is ultra cooling and this small 50ml can is the perfect size for carrying around in your handbag. I have now invested in the 150ml because it is amazing at cooling and refreshing your skin. You can even use it during the rest of the year to refresh your make up or just as an extra hydrating mist before bedtime. Try it once and you'll be hooked.

Kiehl's Avocado Eye Cream
I was on the hunt for a new eye cream for a long time, and then a friend recommended this. It's quite thick in consistency, but it melts into an oily texture and moisturises the eye area without feeling greasy or heavy. It has really softened the skin around my eye area, and the best thing is a little goes a long way.

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2%
My skin has been really playing up recently especially around my chin, so I whipped out this strong, spot zapping potion. You have to be so careful with this and only apply it directly to the affected areas, as it can burn your skin (I learnt the very hard and sore way), but it works a treat. As soon as you feel the bump or ache of a spot trying to rear it's head, dab a small amount of this on it and most of the time it kills it before it even has a chance to fully develop. It has been a lifesaver for me over the past few weeks.

Iconic Bronze Dark Mousse
I am a fake tan fanatic and this is amazing. It smells delicious, applies like an absolute dream and the colour is gorgeous. There's no orangey tinge, and it dries within a reasonable amount of time without leaving you feeling sticky. I even applied an extra layer to my legs one morning and hoped that the intense heat wouldn't cause it to run if I happened to end up with sweaty legs (cute!), and it didn't! The wear off is actually quite good too, and it's so easy to remove especially when you use the Iconic Bronze Tan Eraser (which actually beats the Bondi Sands version in my opinion).

OFRA Rodeo Drive Highlighter
I think I may have mentioned this highlighter before, but it's well worth mentioning again. I have a mini version as I thought the large one was just a bit too expensive, but it really packs a huge highlighting punch. It is a champagne toned highlighter that gleams like nothing else I own. This paired with a swish of Becca Champagne Pop and you'll be glowing to high Heaven. Gorgeous!

KIKO Colour Kajal in 07
This is a very new favourite of mine, but I wore this turquoise shade in my waterline yesterday and received so many compliments. I have been searching for a liner that was soft enough to apply to the waterline but stayed put without fading or irritating my eyes, and I think I've found it. It's really easy to apply and the colour made my brown eyes pop. I think it's lovely to brighten up your make up for summer, and if colour is something that scares you, this liner is such an easy way to be adventurous without looking like a clown.

Maybelline Color Drama In With Coral
This is the brightest coral shade I own, and it's fabulous. I wear this when I've not much on my eyes, and even wore it yesterday with my blue waterline. It screams summer and because it's a crayon, it's so easy to draw along your lip line and then fill in. It also doesn't dry out my lips and the staying power is fantastic. They also do a beautiful nude shade in this which is definitely worth a try if you prefer more subdued lip colours.

So those are all of my current summery favourites. If you have any suggestions for products you think I'd love, please feel free to share as I always need an excuse to try new things!


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