Wednesday 11 July 2018

The Vintage Cosmetic Company: Retro Beauty

You have probably come across The Vintage Cosmetic Company before. They create gorgeously girly beauty tools such as brushes, tweezers and even lashes, all packaged in their signature floral print.

To celebrate their launch into Dunnes Stores, I was sent some of their fabulous products to try out. I received a pack of their Make Up Melts, a Make Up Headband, an Exfoliating Body Sponge, and a Floral Shower Cap.

The standout product for me has to be the Make Up Melts. They are much like a posh face cloth, however they are a lot softer, gentle on the skin, and can remove all traces of make up with water alone. These are also double sided, with shorter fibres on one side that can be used for a gentle exfoliation, and a fluffier side to cleanse.

The silicone exfoliating body sponge creates a lather when you use your favourite body wash. It is designed to gently buff off dead skin and leave you smooth and ready for applying moisturiser. I love this sponge as it's well designed and easy to hold, plus it leaves the skin on my legs shiny and smooth ready for my 32 layers of fake tan.

Now, onto the most glamourous product from the package I was sent; a floral shower cap. I haven't really worn a shower cap since I was about eight and stayed at my grandparents' house for the summer. However, the 1950's vibe I get from this one makes it far too cool not to use. It has a satiny finish and is lined with a waterproof polka dot print material. The elasticated trim ensures your hair stays dry as a bone therefore avoiding any danger of frizz.

Lastly, something which is sure to be a saviour for me, (the girl who ends up with foundation in her hair) is the make up headband. It keeps all those annoying strands of loose hair from getting in the way, and it could also come in handy when applying face masks or cleansing my face, especially if I don't want to ruin my hair by tying it up.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company has so many gorgeous products, and now they've launched into Dunnes they are going to be even easier to get hold of! You can check out all their other products on their site right here too.

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