Friday 18 August 2017

Juvia's Place Mini Masquerade

Juvia's Place was one of those companies I always saw on Instagram but just couldn't find a site that delivered to the UK without the usual extortinate postage and tax fees. So when Beauty Bay suddenly revealed they were now stocking Juvia's Place palettes I was like the cat smelling a freshly cooked chicken.

There seems to be a lot of warm toned palettes knocking about at the minute, with Urban Decay's Naked Heat, Morphe 35O, and the newly launched So Sue Me Hot Fire Palette. I like warm browns but I'm not really a fan of really orange toned or red shades on myself. I also love purple, greens and any colour that makes my dark eyes pop, so hyperventilation kicked in when I saw photos of this palette.
The Mini Masquerade palette contains 16 shades ranging from warm browns, and bronzey tones, to violet purple, and the bluest blue you've ever laid eyes on. I only paid £30 for this palette and to be honest I feel like it's worth a lot more. The bottom two rows of the palette are more neutral shades, with warmer browns, and slightly darker more chocolatey tones. There's also a beautiful creamy shade that is amazing for an inner corner highlight. The top rows are filled with bright pink, a violet purple, deep royal blue and a gorgeous summery teal.

I wouldn't call the shades in this palette shimmers as such, they are more of a foiled consistency. They remind of the Makeup Geek Foiled shadows, but a bit more buttery. The pigment is one of the best I've tried, and they stay true to colour even after a full day of wear.

The mattes are also really pigmented, although not as buttery as the foiled shades. This doesn't bother me as I am yet to find a palette that has equal colour payoff in all the shades included. There are also shades such as the super pink, that are matte but have a sprinkling of gold glitter throughout. Not a chunky kind of glitter but a finely milled sparkle, although it's not all that visible on application.

I'm sat swatching it as I type this and my computer keys are covered, but it's so pigmented and buttery, and I love it! Whether you want to create an everyday look with a simple warm brown crease, and a light matte brown on the lid, or a super bright colourful eye, with a eye-catching inner corner highlight, this palette has it all.

There are other palettes in the collection, but none have caught my eye as much as this palette. I might even go as far as saying this might be my favourite palette I've ever owned. It's fab and you need it in your life. Think of it this way, it works out as £1.88 for an eyeshadow. Sooooold!

You can buy it here! (It's currently out of stock, but I'm sure they will be restocking soon, just keep an eyeball out!)

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