Friday 9 February 2018

Top 4 Foundations Of A Self-Confessed, Difficult To Impress Blogger

I am quite hard to please when it comes to foundation, I don't like it too matte, too dewy, too sheer, too yellow, or having any pink tones whatsoever...

I know a lot of people struggle to find a foundation that ticks all the boxes, and even when they do, they are still wondering whether there's another, better foundation out there just waiting to be discovered. I have found four foundations that I am confident in wearing, a couple are more recent purchases, and one I have already gone through countless bottles of.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation was my absolute favourite foundation of last year. I wore it day in and day out, going through numerous bottles of both Warm Beige and Light Beige. I fell in love with the finish, the tone of the shades, and how well it matched my tanned body. I also received compliments on how well my skin looked almost daily, so of course I loved wearing it! At £29, it's not the most expensive high end foundation, and in my opinion it's worth every penny.

Born This Way is more of a moisturising foundation, and although I am on the oily end of the skin spectrum, this didn't bother me too much. It contains no SPF so it photographs beautifully, and it just made my skin look glowing, fresh, and very smooth.  I haven't been wearing it as often recently as I feel like it began to get quite oily if I wore it all day, however because it looks so amazing in photographs and I love the shades for when I am wearing dark tan, I will continue to use it ocasionally.

A more recent discovery of mine is the new liquid foundation from Bobbi Brown. The Long-Wear Weightless Foundation is full coverage and although it claims to be matte, I'd say on my skin it appears to be more of a natural/satin finish, which I love. It is quite thick when you're applying it, but a little goes a long way and I find applying it with a damp beauty sponge delivers great coverage, but still looks fresh. If you're interested in trying this perhaps get a sample first as I have heard many mixed reviews. I got a sample of the 'Warm Natural' shade and loved it so I ended up buying the full sized bottle. It is on the pricier end of the scale at £31, but it looks absolutely gorgeous on.

The other two foundations in my top four are more affordable, and I've been loving both for day to day wear. The first is the Sleek Lifeproof Foundation, and it's fantastic considering its £8.99 price point. I have a more in-depth review right here, so you can have a read at that if you fancy. There is a pretty impressive shade range available in this foundation too, and the shade I have has a golden undertone that matches perfectly with my tan. I will most definitely be repurchasing this when it's done, which will be quite soon!

Maybelline Superstay 24 Hour Foundation is another brilliant, affordable foundation that I have been wearing non-stop. It claims to give a soft matte finish, and I do agree, however, I am slightly oily so I end up being more luminous throughout the day. The coverage is amazing and I would have no problem wearing this on a night out either as it photographs well and makes my skin look lovely and even. It's only £9.99, and because I struggled to find one shade to match my tan, I bought a light and a dark shade and I just mix them, which works perfectly.

So there we are, my top four foundations at the minute! It's a well balanced group with two high end and two more affordable products, so it just proves that you don't necessarily have to pay a lot to get a decent foundation. If you have any current favourite foundations do let me know in the comments below.


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