Thursday 22 March 2018

BPerfect Dark Watermelon Mousse

I am a huge fan of the BPerfect liquid tan, so when I saw they were launching a mousse I was so excited. As much as I loved the colour and wear of the original liquid tan, the spray pump eventually began to get on my nerves as it wasn't dispensing a lot of product onto my mitt. So the prospect of a normal, easy to use pump was the answer to my tanning prayers.

The mousse comes in three shades, medium coconut, dark watermelon, and ultra dark mango. I opted for dark watermelon as that is the shade I have in the original liquid tan, and it's dark enough for me.

The first time I used this mousse, I noticed how much easier it is to dispense and how much smoother it seems to go on compared to the liquid (which you can read all about in my previous review here). I feel like it's a more moisturising formula, and it is much easier to apply as it seems to glide on. It also dries very quickly, and the watermelon scent is more noticeable than in the liquid tan, however it soon fades after it has dried in.
Top is before, and below is about five minutes after application
In terms of the wearing off process, this tan fades pretty evenly and it didn't go as scaly or dry as the liquid tan. I get around four days wear before it starts to fade, which is pretty good considering I go to the gym and take a lot of showers. I must also say that the fact the liquid tan tended to go a bit dry on me is probably because I am useless at moisturising my body, and I was using it right slap bang in the middle of winter, so the dryness may have also been down to cold weather.

Overall, I am really pleased that BPerfect have decided to launch a mousse tan. I know a lot of people prefer mousse as oppose to liquid, as spray bottles can tend to be a bit messy to use, so I think this will be quite popular. It's definitely a great tan if you don't want to have to put on two layers to achieve a deep colour, especially for nights out.

You can purchase the BPerfect tan and all their other fab products right here

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