Monday 12 March 2018

ColourPop: Yes, I Am Obsessed.

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know how much I love ColourPop. Colourful eyes are my favourite thing, and they have such an extensive range of amazing eyeshadows that I just feel like I have to have them all!

My most recent order is probably one of my favourites to date, so I thought I would share it with you all. I also have a more detailed post about the likes of delivery to the UK, customs fees, and all that ever so fun stuff which you can read right here.

First of all, I ordered three more shades in the powder eyeshadows because not only are they amazingly pigmented, but they maintain their vibrancy throughout the day. I would go as far as saying these are my favourite powder shadows ever. Yes, ever. I also decided to get one of their magnetic palettes, to house all my gorgeous ColourPop shadows together, and now they look all neat and tidy.

The ColourPop Ultra Satin Lipsticks are the best liquid lipstick formula I have tried. They don't leave my lips flakey or dry, and they stay put. They can actually be a nightmare to get off unless you've a good oil based remover. Again, there are so many lovely shades to choose from. This time I chose 'Echo Park', a nude (surprise, surprise) that dries down to more of a brown tone.

ColourPop recently launched their Lux Lipstick range, as up until now they only had their Lippie Stix. After much serious deliberation I chose 'Stone Fox' which is described as a pale, creamy pink. These are a matte finish but they glide on like a satin lipstick and don't feel at all heavy or chalky on the lips. This shade also looks so pretty over the top of the liquid lipstick I bought.

I decided to order another pot of my all time favourite inner corner highlighter, Flexitarian. Every time I wear this I get asked what it is, and I recently hit pan on my current one so I thought I can't really take any chances... It's the most blinding, reflective highlighter I have ever owned, and it's certainly not for the faint-hearted. If you are looking for a really bright highlighter, definitely check out ColourPop's Super Shock range, as the pigment is amazing. They feel wet to the touch and melt into the skin so seamlessly. They can also be applied with your fingertips which makes them an all round winner in my eyes.

Another more recent launch from ColourPop are their Supernova Shadows. These metallic, liquid eyeshadows are packed full of glitter and claim to be fallout free. I chose the shadow 'Moon Lit' because it's purple and I'm obsessed. When I first swatched it I was amazed at the opaque finish and the intensity of the sparkle. Also, once it dried on my arm it wasn't going anywhere. I cannot wait to wear this on my eyes, no doubt there'll be loads of photos taken when I do!

Lastly, I bought an eyeshadow brush (E2) because it looks like the perfect size for working colour into the crease. You can never have too many eyeshadow brushes, and this one is just as soft and fluffy as I expected.

Now I'll show you the good stuff:

Left with flash. Right with daylight.

Top to bottom: Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick in Echo Park. Supernova Shadow in Moon Lit. Lux Lipstick in Stone Fox. Powder Eyeshadows: Paper Tiger, Poodle, Tiny Tangerines. Supershock Highlighter in Flexitarian.

I also thought I'd include a photo of the Super Shock eyeshadows, because they deserve to be recognised too. I have so many (maybe too many), but these are amazing and like no other eyeshadow I have tried. Again, much like the Super Shock highlighters these feel slightly damp to the touch, but the colour payoff, blendability and colour intensity is next to none. Feast your eyes!

OK, so if you're not tempted to buy anything from ColourPop now, I don't know what else I can do... I do, however, recommend you click right here and fill your basket!

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